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posted Wednesday, 2 July 2014

We're not even to the first eviction yet, and in a way it feels like the season's been going forever. The first week always seems super long, since it takes almost 2 weeks in calendar time, there are just so many of them, we're playing catch up, and we're sorting out who's who. In alliance news, the night 1 all-girls alliance seems to have fizzled as fast as it was formed. The guys got wind of it somehow, it got blamed first on Paola and later on Joey. Meanwhile after so much righteous indignation over the girls alliance, the majority of the guys got together and formed a dude-only alliance. Devin made it a bit PC by bringing in Amber and Christine, though the rest of them were not pleased he had done so (especially without consulting with the group).

So we've got the original Bomb-Squad of Frankie, Caleb, Zach, Devin, Derrick and Cody, plus the 2 women. An alliance that big is bound to implode quickly and we're already seeing cracks. Most of them are wary of Devin and how erratic he seems, and a lot are concerned about Caleb. And to be fair, that's probably because Caleb is nuts. He developed a ridiculous showmance/crush/obsession for Amber within apparently moments of meeting her. He spent a few days talking about her, but not to her, like a 12 year old girl. He finally awkwardly told her how he felt. She tried to let him down easy, and he fell into a deep depression. Next thing we know Devin is telling Caleb that Amber is totally into Devin and not Caleb, and Caleb became psychotically depressed. At this point even Amber saying goodnight to him causes him to fall into hours of whining and moping. And as far as I can tell, Devin basically made the whole thing up just get Caleb more wound.

There are lots of sub-alliances within the BS, some of which may be real. The one to watch seems to be Zach and Frankie (Zankie). They appear to be sincere in their "F2" side deal, but then again, both were clear in pre-show interviews that they intended to play the manipulator role. Zach is taking it (possibly) one step further and going for the flirtmance angle. Some in there and out here have speculated that Zach really is into Frankie, but who knows. Frankie, for his part, is playing a social game quite like BB15's Andy--he's in good with everyone and seems to have the uncanny ability to be in all places at all times. And Frankie's got way more charm and charisma than Andy. If he keeps it up he could go quite far.

The other serious pairing is Nicole and Christine (NicoTine). They've clearly bonded, and DRs on the show seem to indicate that they are a sincere alliance. So far they seem to be doing a pretty good job of convincing everyone that it's just a social bond, not gameplay. They did bring in Hayden, and in an unusual move, Hayden and Nicole started a showmance then staged a "break-up" (as far as I could tell, in the space of about a day). Now Nicole has moved on to flirt-mancing with Cody, though she's still secretly in the showmance with Hayden. (I think.) I do believe this is Christine's real alliance, though as far as I can tell, she hasn't told Nicole about the BS. Keeping her options open, most likely.

The BS is convinced they'll run the board, but I'm hoping they'll get taken down a notch or two pretty quickly. Even if they do manage to all stay loyal, with so many of them, they're going to have to start eating their own a lot sooner than they seem to realize. The chances that they'll actually be able to evict the entire rest of the house before having to turn on each other are fairly slim.

In game news, after becoming the post-POV target, Joey never really stood a chance. A lot of her downfall was that she's not a BB fan and didn't understand enough about the game to play smart. She tried to use her TeamAmerica spot as a point in her favor by telling Hayden about it, expecting him to want to work with her, and to spread the word. The problem is that since she doesn't completely understand what it means, she doesn't realize that it actually holds no value to anyone but her. Also, Hayden found the whole thing so ridiculous that he completely didn't believe her, and didn't tell anyone what she said because he didn't want to get caught up in spreading a "lie."

The Wednesday show filled in a few gaps, and basically laid out the storyline for the TVOVs. We never got any mention of the "all-girls alliance" as why Pao was nom'ed, but they had to fit that in to explain why Joey was the repl-nom. The TVOVs are shocked and confused that the first Team America member could be booted, but livefeeders know that's just the curse the of dud-twist. The show also continued to portray Devin as a total nut job, but didn't really get into Caleb's craziness. They did touch on it a bit in order to explain why Donny was the BS target #1, with the whole bit about Donny actually being a Navy Seal or something. Apparently if you pull up your socks, you must be ex-military. But we haven't seen any of Caleb's bunny-boiler Amber obsession on the show yet. At the rate he's going, he'll still be talking about it in 10 weeks though, so there's no rush.

The comp was fun, mostly because they set it up like Donny didn't have a shot, when actually he was playing smart. And we got a new word to add to TECHNOTRONICS and the like, CALTURO. The truth is, that comp isn't really about spelling, it's about working with what you have...find letters and make a word. The mistake people make is that they pick a word and then try to find the letters.

The ones I haven't mentioned, are of course still there. No one's really fading into the woodwork, it's just that with so many of them, certain people are taking most of the limelight. Things will change tomorrow. Joey's almost sure to go, and hopefully we'll get something of a power-shift, and not just 2 BS'ers winning both HOH slots.

So much happened after I stopped writing that this entry warrants a part 2.

In the continuing saga of As Caleb's World Turns, Devin had gotten him all wound up again. Devin's been saying for a couple days that he overheard Amber saying Caleb was "all about himself." Caleb was driving himself batty trying to figure out why she'd think that when he'd been nothing but nice to her, finding her cookie dough for her ice cream, bringing her into the alliance (in Caleb's mind it is now he, not Devin, that pulled in Amber), etc. At the same time he couldn't believe she'd say such a thing, then turn around and give her a hug and call him sweetie. By the time he woke up Wednesday morning he realized he couldn't believe she'd say such a thing about him and that in fact she was probably talking about someone else, maybe Devin. She had said that Devin was her type, but maybe she found him self absorbed.

At some point Devin decided to "confront" Amber about how she was treating Caleb. Since all Amber thought she was doing was wondering aloud why Caleb was acting batshit crazy, this conversation didn't go well. Devin then relayed it to Caleb, who relayed it literally just about everyone else in the house besides Amber. After a few retells, you'd have thought Caleb heard it first hand and that Amber had called him a troll or something. He was waiting for her to apologize. Eventually Frankie popped into see Amber and get her side of things. When she told him what had really happened he suggested she go clear the air with Caleb directly. After a mini-breakdown and crying session with Jocasta, PaoPao and Frankie in the toilet, she did just that. Talking to each other they got things cleared up, and Caleb's back to planning their life together.

Just before the sitdown, Devin came out of the DR clearly ready for something. He asked Caleb to call a House Meeting saying he had something to get off his chest. He promised the BSers he wasn't going to out them, but didn't otherwise say what his topic was. Most of them assumed it was about Amber, I wondered if the DR hadn't alluded to the fact that some of the girls were starting to say they were afraid of him. But in fact, he wanted to take the blame for Donny's nomination. He stopped in first with Donny and had a one-on-one confessional (overheard by Zach, who pretends to sleep 20 hours a day for just this reason). Donny told Devin he forgave him, but opted out fo the meeting. Devin waited a bit for Amber and Caleb, then finally told him he was starting without them (Amber had already said she wouldn't be attending).

The meeting was all kinds of awkward with Devin crying from moment one, saying he has a daughter and had come in to the house wanting to change the game by playing an honest and "integral" yet successful game. But after getting in the house he fell into the usual BB scheming and backstabbing, he has a daughter, and he'd "forced Caleb's hand, getting Donny nominated" (which in the retells turned into "forced Caleb to nominate Donny"). He was sorry, he has a daughter, etc. Then Devin retreated for his own sobbing in the toilet moment.

A few of the non-BSers caught on to the fact that this is fucking weird. How could Devin have gotten Caleb to do anything? The rest of the BSers (mostly Frankie and Zach) scrambled a bit to do damage control. They're telling most everyone that Devin's just nuts, and if he does out the alliance, they'll either say he's delusional, or basically that he bullyed them into it--he asked to align and they said yes, but it was never for real.

Caleb was on cloud 9 about Amber, so didn't get as upset as he should have about Devin basically blowing up his game. Instead, in between going on about Amber, he started talking to Jocasta and Frankie about religion and tolerance. Feeders, especially those who had seen the homophobic and racist posts attributed to Caleb that came out during pre-show, sat out here cringing, waiting for him to say something horrible or awkward. He hit the awkward a bit, but avoided the horrible, and eventually made it around to the point that by getting to know a gay man on an actual human level he understands that people are just people and any kind of prejudice is just wrong. It was actually kind of lovely, in an awkard, Caleb-esque way.

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