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posted Friday, 4 July 2014

After a bit of misdirection and some half-truths about the CalAmber situation, Joey was unanimously booted on a 13-0 vote. So the first member of Team America was the first to go, making it seem that viewers suck at pick alliances. But BB has taken precautions to be sure this isn't as much a dud as the Stabotool twist, by having backups. Donny was revealed as the second member and 2 more will be added, keeping the total at 3. I continue to be skeptical that Frankie's not getting the most votes. Either Grande fans don't know how to vote (highly unlikely) or BB is messing with the results. Though he certainly doesn't need the $5K bonuses, I think he'd be great at pulling of the tasks so I hope they're not going to leave him out of the mix. Besides, he's already aligned with pretty much everyone in the house.

Anyway, Joey went out to meet Julie, who spilled all the secrets, which is only interesting because it affirms there won't be a boomerang HG this season. Next it was out for HOH. The boys and girls got separate comps, carrying "kegs" across balance beams. Amber won handily for the ladies. Hayden had it for the guys, until he slipped off his beam at the last minute. I had been watching him teeter the whole time, and was actually surprised he made it as far as he did without falling. Cody hit his buzzer first, Julie named him HOH, but then told us there was a flag on the play. Apparently he stepped off the beam before actually hitting the button, so he was d/q'ed and Devin was declared the winner.

Devin and Amber got their HOH rooms/baskets on schedule, but the Nominations screen appeared in the living room shortly after. A number of people were already in panic mode about going up. Derrick was first out of the HOH comp and Amber did consider nom'ing him. Caleb told her if she did put up Derrick to put Caleb up next to him so they'd be "guaranteed" to win BOB. Derrick heard all this and got super pissed at Amber, but felt major love for Caleb. It got kind of silly after that because Amber had actually decided not to nom any BS-ers, but Derrick was so freaked that he kept arguing with her. Meanwhile, Brittany had herself already evicted and was going around telling everyone how dumb they were for letting Devin push them around.

Most of them have been talking for days about ditching Devin, and there was still an easy way to do it. All they had to do was get Amber's noms to throw the BOB and then as long as ANYONE other than Devin won POV, he could go up. But, alas, Amber is an idiot. She kept saying she didn't really care about being the actual HOH, she just wanted the pictures and letter and stuff. In the end she let Devin tell her whom to nominate, with the whole plan being for her noms to win BOB and his to stay up so he could get rid of his arch-enemy, Brittany. PaoPao got the seat next to Brit as she is seen as the weakest player and planned to be a perpetual pawn for a while.

Once they found out noms were coming, Amber consulted the rule book and noted that they were not allowed to tell anyone who they were nominating. They could give hypotheticals, but no confirmations. She and Devin started talking and Amber said she wanted to nom a guy and a girl. Devin doesn't want Donny going up again, and Amber was fine with that, so it left Hayden. She wanted Paola, but finally agreed to Nicole. Devin then went around and told pretty much everyone, including the to-be-nominees, who was going up. It was a massive rules violation, and ticked off a lot of feeders, but BB didn't have time to deal with it, and let it slide. Shortly after noms they started hearing recorded messages played in the house, and it ended up being an early morning/late night BOB comp based on those messages. Pao had already told Devin she'd throw it to help assure that Brittany goes. On top of that, superfan Nicole knew how to study, and she and Hayden won, probably quite easily.

Devin already had a raging case of HOHitis and being the confirmed HOH for the week has only made it worse. He's now decided that Pao should be veto'ed and Victoria should go up in her place. Brittany still "must go" but he wants to make Pao feel better. The twist in this is that a few of the BS-ers (mostly Zach) hate Victoria. If she ends up on the block, I can easily see them sending her home, in part to spite Devin. Even if noms stay as they are, some of them are already talking about keeping Brittany to help them go after Devin.

BB had to be pretty much on holiday today; there's a big July 4th party on the CBS lot, so the HGs spent most of the day locked inside. They were woken up with various patriotic musical selections. When the feeds came on after the wake-up music, Caleb was all choked up saying it was such a hard day for him because of his military background. He sent Frankie to tell everyone Caleb had been in the service (apparently a few of them didn't know, he was keeping it "secret" like it would hurt him in the game or something) and give them a heads up that he was all emotional. To be perfectly honest, it seemed like a ploy to get attention from Amber, and it worked. She gave him a kiss on the cheek (leaving a lipstick print that was still there hours later) and thanked him for his service. Once he started telling the other guys how he should have turned his face to get a kiss on the lips I was convinced it was all act.

In other news, something blew up in the microwave. And Zach couldn't poop for a few days.

Lines of the Day

Devin: There's gonna be a HaveNot [comp], I'm pretty sure. Today or tomorrow. I'm sure. Potentially. Or maybe not at all.
Devin: In BB Canada, America put up the 2 noms.
Frankie: I bet you for the 1st time *ever* people are buying livefeeds
Devin to Nicole: I felt bad having to put you up there.
me: Uh, shouldn't you be at least pretending Amber made her own noms?
BB: Jocasta! [she realizes she left her mic in the bathroom]
Jocasta: I promise I'll go get it after I put my panties on
Donny: My girlfriend talked me into coming....I'm breakin' up with her
Amber: Devin, the whole world is waiting on you!
Christine: We don't have any toilet paper, just a heads up.
Donny: That'd be a tails up.
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