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the nuclear option

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posted Monday, 7 July 2014

Late Friday night, Caleb and Devin got into a somewhat random argument that started with Caleb telling Devin he was intimidating the women in the house and ended with Devin angrily shouting within earshot of a couple of non-BSers that their alliance was over. It seemed like the BS was in fact over, but then, before the POV, Caleb went to Devin, apologized and told him that there were people in the BS saying Devin had to go. Devin then called a full meeting of the BS, which was hilarious, because of course it wasn't at all suspicious when they were all gathered in HOH and no one else was invited. Devin brought up that he'd heard he's a target for friendly bomb-squad fire, and a guilty conscience got to both Cody and Zach and they basically admitted they'd said they wanted Devin out. So had pretty much everyone else in the room, but no one else spoke up.

When HaveNot time came around, and Derrick and Zach volunteered (the BS boys are supposedly taking turns), and Devin also picked Brittany and Victoria. This sent Victoria into meltdown mode as she started hearing that people found her to be a princess. She had a sit-down with Devin where he told her that she acted entitled (to which she replied "what's entitled?") and that he felt it was his responsibility to teach her what it was like to suffer a little. She started to cry and he asked her to stop, because he didn't want people to see her come out of his room all red-eyed and hear more about how he was mean to women. HNs also resulted in a full-on meltdown for Zach. He hadn't eaten in advance, didn't want to try the slop or the add on food ("Wurst BLT" of liverwurst, bok choy and tomato paste) and couldn't sleep on the ice block.

They played the veto on schedule on Saturday, and the feeds came back on with the news that Devin had won. Since he had his plan all worked out to veto Pao in thanks for throwing the BOB and put up Victoria, you'd think there'd be no drama. You'd be wrong. Devin immediately started talking about a new plan: make a deal with Brittany to veto her and send out Victoria, in return for Brit promising him safety.

Devin and Brittany sat down for a painfully long talk. It started out with Brit jumping all over him for all the nasty stuff he's said to/about her. He was very defensive saying that he didn't make the comment she claimed comparing her to a cow or make "gun firing" gestures at her. They spent a lot of time going back and forth over that, and eventually got around to Devin saying he was considering using the veto on her. He asked her for her vote in return for saving her, and ended up telling her that Pao threw the BOB to make sure that Brittany stayed on the block.

Devin started polling the BSers about whom they'd vote out between Pao and Brittany, or between Pao and Victoria. When he called Zach up, Zach said with Brit/Pao he'd go with the alliance, but when Victoria's name was mentioned he said he'd vote her out. Devin spat out that he couldn't trust Zach. Part of the issue was Zach going against Devin, and part of it was having an opinion of his own on his vote. Adding that to the HN meltdown, within a few hours Zach was ranting that Devin should just put him up, and he'd go home.

By Sunday morning, Zach was in full destruction mode, telling Frankie that if Devin nominated him, he'd destroy Devin by outing a version of the alliance. The idea was he'd claim that he had a deal with Devin/Caleb/Amber and Pao, and they'd turned on him. All of a sudden Frankie started campaigning hardcore to get Zach nominated, telling Devin that Zach was saying he wanted to go home. At first I thought this was calculated plan on Frankie's part to get the BS split in two while keeping himself in good with both halves. Basically, get Devin to nominate Zach, but then ultimately keep Zach. But as time went on it started to seem more like Frankie actually legitimately wants Zach gone.

In the end, Devin did put Zach up, and Zach didn't just blow up the BS, he went nuclear. He also somehow threw Frankie's name in with Caleb/Devin/Amber, though he later told Frankie he regretted that. He outed Pao throwing the comp during the POV ceremony, though everyone knew already. Then after the meeting he told Hayden every detail of the BS, including naming names. The rest of them are still hoping to "denydenydeny" and last I heard, Devin was planning on adding Hayden and Nicole as replacements for Zach.

In other news, Team America finished forming. In the end we get Donny, Derrick and Frankie. Derrick's beyond honored and keeps going on and on about how this is proof that the three of the them are playing the most honest game and are most deserving of the bonus money. Of course, he doesn't know that Frankie has a built-in voting block and the usual rules don't apply to him.

I'm not even going to try to count votes this early. It seems like Zach almost had a good play, but I'm afraid he went to far and he's toast. It's sort of funny--when the show started I hated Zach, but now I'm really hoping he manages to pull something off and stays. He brings a lot more to the show than Pao ever could.

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