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posted Wednesday, 9 July 2014

After employing the nuclear option, it really didn't seem that Zach had much of a chance of staying in the game, especially since he had lost his ally Frankie, and didn't even realize it. After his blow-up at the POV meeting, Zach did almost immediately apologize for whatever he said about Frankie and said he completely regretted it. Frankie told him they were cool and that he wanted Zach to stay. But behind his back he was still the engine on the KickZach train.

At first it seemed like Zach had Cody's vote for sure, and probably Brittany, Nicole and Hayden's votes, though they might "go with the house." Derrick wanted to help out, but didn't think he could at first. He tried to pull in TeamAmerica, but Donny is BFFs with Pao and Frankie was, as mentioned, actively on the KickZach kick. Over time a few more people started to come around, really wanting Devin taken down a peg or two. Christine and Frankie hatched this crazy plan to try to ensure the vote was 7-5 with Zach staying so they could keep him around to go to war with Devin but at the same time keep the vote close enough that they could cast doubt on who flipped.

Then all of a sudden UnderCover Cop Derrick went to work. He realized Caleb was the lynch pin the remains of the BS and sat down with him and somehow worked him around to keeping Zach. Derrick basically played off Caleb's military-man leave-no-one-behind mentality and got him to see that Devin was the one who had betrayed the solidarity of the BS. Zach may have gone nuclear, but only after getting shanked by his teamie. And since as Caleb goes, so goes Amber, that brought them to a point where they could tell the wafflers that they had the votes and suddenly just about everyone was voting to keep Zach.

Frankie then rather inexplicably let Devin in on the secret, possibly hoping to swing things back to where they'd been. But Devin when even more batcrap crazy. He declared the BS dead (again) and proceeded to out it to everyone who hadn't already heard the full story. This included waking several people up in the middle of the night specifically to tell them.

So now the non-BSers have reason to vote out Zach and side with Devin. However most of them still seem to find Devin to be a complete and total loon and would rather keep Zach to fight against Devin. The only solid holdout for PaoPao is Jocasta. Her big thing is that as someone who has to be a moral example, she can't go back on her word, or support someone who has done any kind of attacking of women (as she feels Zach has). I certainly respect her from a moral and ethical standpoint, though I don't know why anyone who has to uphold such standards would put themselves in the position of playing BB. But whatever. I've also decided to start referring to her as JoJe, since Jesus is her only true alliance (her words).

In the end, I do think Zach will stay to fight another day, and PaoPao will be the latest victim of the Week 2 Model Curse. But I certainly won't be shocked if it goes the other way. No matter what CBS has tons of misdirection fodder for the Thursday show.

Speaking of shows, I'm intentionally not bothering to talk about the Wednesday show. Everything they showed, livefeeders knew forever ago, as usual, but they left out so much that it was just silly. I know they had a lot to deal with, but still they could have put a few more important points in. Big overlooks were Frankie turning on Zach, the entire HN selection, Cody's "are you threatening me?" to Devin in the BS meeting, Devin now being in love with Brittany, and Victoria. I mean, not just Victoria's meltdown, her feud with Zach, or that she almost went up, but Victoria herself. She was barely seen on the show. The final nail in the 'are you kidding me' coffin was not showing us the blow-up at the POV meeting. It was the one thing we hadn't seen on the feeds, and there's no point in waiting until tomorrow. They'll be plenty more to cover before the eviction with all the vote flipping. And to top it all off, we got our first TA mission choice and both options were beyond stupid.

Okay, I guess I talked about the show after all....

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