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posted Saturday, 12 July 2014

[But first, a myBBPOV "production" note. I've just not had the energy this year for a daily post, so I've been trying to just hit 3-4 times a week. This means there's a lot more to cover in each entry. I'm honestly not sure if anyone's regularly reading this site, but if so, hopefully not for updates. I've never meant it to be an update site; there are so many (and better) update sites out there. This has always been about my point of view, though I do tend to sum up the goings on in the house. Anyway, I hope if anyone is reading, it's still interesting enough, and don't give up just because I don't post each day. Follow me on twitter for more frequent comments. And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.]

The Thursday show was great fun with the explosions at the veto meeting, even though a lot was clearly left out. The BS imploded and reformed and the votes flipped back and forth all over the place. After all the waffling, Zach stayed on a 10-2 vote. The dissenters were Donny and Jocasta. Donny had "permission" and just wanted to give his little bud PaoPao a sympathy vote. Jocasta has this whole thing about setting an example to her flock back home and was never going to vote in Zach's favor.

They popped out to play HOH and in a nice crapshoot comp, Nicole hit a perfect score and Derrick hit one off the perfect and we had our 2 new HsOH. Once they got some time together, they agreed to not target each other this week, regardless of who stayed HOH. They also sort of agreed to go after Devin. Nicole actually wants to go after Caleb and Amber, but she wasn't going to tell Derrick that. Nicole was going to nom Amber as payback for last week. Derrick had worked out with Caleb earlier that if Nic was nom'ing Amber, Derrick would nom Caleb, who could then throw the BOB, Amber would be safe and then the idea would be for anyone other than Devin to win POV and get Devin up and out.

In the second nom spot, after excluding just about everyone Nicole kind of settled on Victoria. But before noms she talked to Victoria, who cried and said she didn't want to go up. Then Donny did something that one out here seems to be able to quite account for that got Nicole to decide he should go up. Derrick had decided to go with Jocasta, assuming she'd be helpful to Caleb in losing the BOB. I also have to mention that Jocasta had been complaining for days that she couldn't poop. Normally I'd never mention such a thing, but it, unfortunately becomes quite relevant to the storyline shortly.

The noms happened and Donny was pretty pissed. Derrick tried to do some damage control, but quite possibly made it worse. In the end though, it kind of didn't matter, because, as planned, Amber and Donny won the BOB and are safe for the week. According to what they're all saying the comp wasn't one that could really be thrown, and what truly lost it for Jocasta and Caleb was a mistake that Jocasta made. There are also some saying it seemed like Donny wasn't trying his best. As her "you're NOT the HOH!" consequence, Nicole is stuck in a frog suit all week. It has the potential to be super-cute, but she's whining a lot and taking it as well as she should be as a super-fan.

Back to Jocasta's poopy problems. Before the comp she mentioned that she had gotten so tired of not being able to poop, that she took a double dose of one laxative they have, and then later a double dose of fiber supplement. This wrecked havoc on her digestive track and she got severe diarrhea. Then she was out in the heat for the comp, and hanging/spinning in some sort of harness. By the time they came inside, she was deathly ill, puking and barely able to walk. She was sent off to see the medic and they told her she was severely dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion. They recommended IV fluids but she wouldn't take them, so they sent her to bed with drinkable fluid supplements. She spent the next 24 hours+ basically incapacitated, in bed, needing an escort to the bathroom.

This is all relevant because it meant she couldn't participate in the POV. They went ahead without her. There was a virtual Jocasta at the player picking, and the HGs on the sidelines for the comp wore bow-ties in her honor. The picked players were Christine, Donny, and, since it's BB, of course, Devin. Donny was chosen on Jocasta's behalf, so before the comp he promised her if he won, he'd save her.

They went out to play the comp and when we come back from JeffLoops, it turns out that Donny won. So the plan is now for Donny to save Jocasta, Devin goes up, and supposedly out. But there are enough of them who are just as ready to kick Caleb that the week could get interesting. Between Devin and Caleb, I honestly don't care who goes. They're both equal parts annoying and entertaining in their own ways.

In other news, Team America got their assignment and it was to spread a rumour that a HG is related to a former HG. They (Frankie) decided to make Zach the target and say he's related to BB15 Amanda. I'm not actually sure why anyone would care that they're related, but there you have it. Derrick told Victoria, Donny told Nicole, and Frankie's supposed to tell someone. Though honestly I kind of feel like Frankie could give a fuck about the task except in that it gives him another opportunity to mess with Zach.

Finally, Have Not time came around. Frankie's been saying for a few days that he can't sleep in the cold room because he's got some sort of circulation problem. (Personally I think he has the same condition Elissa had last year--a bad case of "StuntCasts-Don't-Do-HaveNots-itis"--but whatever.) Christine apparently can't have gluten, so can't eat the slop (or possibly the protein shakes). It occurs to me that they could ask to be a joint HN--Christine sleeps in the room, Frankie does the food. Jocasta was also out since she's already sick as a dog. They're trying to spread the HNs around, so it was Devin, Amber and Caleb left. Hayden then volunteered for the 4th spot as the first re-run HN. The add-on food was the "Offal Burrito" which was tripe and tortillas. They all agree the tripe is beyond disgusting (I totally co-sign that) so they're stuck with tortillas and slop.

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