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dangerous liaisons

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posted Wednesday, 16 July 2014

When we last left off, Donny had won the veto, was planning to use it to save Jocasta, and Derrick was going to repl-nom Devin. Despite some earlier waffling about Devin vs. Caleb, almost everyone was back on the Kick-Devin plan because he had been doing so well in comps and it seemed it could be their last chance to get him out.

Since the last entry, Donny had the veto, used it to save Jocasta, and Derrick repl-nom'ed Devin. Despite some earlier waffling about Devin vs. Caleb, almost everyone is back on the Kick-Devin plan because he has been doing so well in comps and it seems it could be their last chance to get him out. Yeah. It's been that exciting.

Devin wasn't even really going to campaign, just figured he'd pack his bags quietly and take his leave. The DR put a little pressure on him, they have a show to produce after all, so he did make a half-hearted effort to get a few votes. This has resulted in a few of them planning to "throw a hinky vote" to try to stir up trouble. Even if a few follow through, and one or two decide to throw Devin a sympathy vote, it's unlikely that he'll get anywhere near the 6 votes he needs to stay.

With nothing really going on gamewise, we'll take a moment to talk about the showmances. CBS decided to address Creepy Caleb on the Wednesday show, so we'll start with him. Caleb's delusions are fantastic, whether they're about how he's going to have Amber's babies, or how he's going to Beastmode through the game, winning every competition. And his deflations when his delusions get shattered by Cody flirting with Amber, or Donny beating him in almost everything are just as entertaining. We've seen this kind of delusion before (ahem, BB14 Danielle) but it's a gender flip this time around. And things got a little awkward when Amber's family started going public saying they were legitimately concerned for her safety. I hate to sound like I'm trivializing things, but the fact is you have to remember that Amber was a BB recruit, and neither she nor her family really knew what they were getting into. Things get crazy in the house, but once they're out, it all levels out. The other thing is that almost every woman has at some point unwanted attentions from a guy. What might be sweet from someone you like is downright creepy from someone you don't. And I'm sure someone like Amber gets this more than most. The real problem for her could be how it could hurt her game. At this point Caleb's getting so jealous of Cody that he's ready to cut Amber loose. The good news for her is that the rest of the house sees Caleb as a much bigger threat. Chances are they will end up on the block against each other soon, and she'll stay. And Caleb going is the best thing that could happen for Amber. Not only will she be free of his creepy stalker stares, but a pair in BB is a dangerous thing. If well played it can be valuable, but if not it makes you a huge target. And neither Caleb nor Amber are skilled enough to play their pair well.

On the other hand, we have Zankie. What makes Zach and Frankie's relationship so intriguing to us is that we can't quite figure it out. Is it real? It it game? Are they actually a pair in the game? Unlike Caleb and Amber, they're not so obviously together that everyone sees them as a pair. They're both in with so many others that to the HGs they're not immediately linked. Frankie's in with everyone, and Zach's a lot more closely linked with Cody and Derrick as far as the HGs know. But yet they're a pair. I honestly believe Zach puts Frankie above anyone else in the game. Frankie, I'm not as confident about, but who knows. Last week when he was working overtime to get Zach nominated and evicted it was really hard to imagine there was any loyalty there. At first I was giving him credit for some genius master plan, but as the week went on it seemed more like he really wanted Zach gone. Maybe it was Zach's volatility, or maybe it was something else. This week Frankie seems to be back on TeamZach. At one point he said into his mic "I think I'm falling in love with him, like for real." Now the cynical part of me thinks that he knows he's on camera and he's an actor and he's putting on a show. It's not outside of the realm of possibilities that this change of heart is due to a strong hint from DR that fans didn't like seeing him turn on Zach. But the mushy romantic side of me thinks that there are real feelings and the Kick Zach plan was actually more about not getting hurt. Whatever the case, they've been super cute this week, in a very BB11/JeJo kind of way. There's nothing more than flirting, snuggling, little peck kisses, but all that leads to an awful lot of "aww" factor.

And....just because....

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