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threatening women

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posted Sunday, 20 July 2014

As expected, Devin was kicked with a unanimous 11-0 vote. BB had enough misdirection fodder to make it seem to the TVOVs like Caleb could possibly go, but there was never a real chance. The HGs trotted out to play HOH and it was a mini-endurance comp, meandering eggs through a chicken wire maze. The comp was withheld from the feeds, but moments after they came back we found out that Cody and Frankie had won. The guys' alliances had already decided to target Brittany and Jocasta for the week, splitting them up in the noms so at least one would stay on the block. Victoria and Amber were the other 2 planned noms. Victoria, because she's a weak player and no one likes her much anyway, and Amber because she was causing drama between Cody and Caleb, and plus she was showing loyalty to the other women in the house.

Things almost got complicated when Team America was told that they were to target a physical threat. But Frankie jumped right in and said that Amber was the biggest female physical threat in the house, so she could fill the spot. It's beyond ridiculous as that's clearly not what people meant when they voted for that mission, but the boys managed to justify in their own minds.

Sure enough, Cody nom'ed Brittany/Victoria and Frankie nom'ed Amber/Jocasta. They played the BOB and Amber/Jocasta won. Just proving what a big threat Amber is, I guess. Meanwhile Amber started talking to the other women about the actual game and how they are just getting picked off by the guys. Unfortunately for her she talked to Christine, who ran straight to the guys and ratted her out. And, in other news, Caleb told Amber he didn't like how she was treating him, taking his kind gestures for granted and still having the nerve to talk to other guys, namely Cody.

Next up was the POV. They drew players, Cody drew Zach, Victoria drew Nicole, and Brittany got HG's choice. Everyone thought she'd chose Amber or Donny or Jocasta or something, but instead she picked Caleb. No one's really clear on exactly what her reasoning was there. They played the POV and it was the Pollyanna style comp. Brit went out first. Nicole and Cody were next (not sure which was 2nd/3rd), then Zach, Victoria and finally Caleb. When Caleb went out Victoria was hold the POV, Nicole had $5K and Zach had a trip to Germany. Caleb took the cash and stuck Nicole in the "Germ-itard." So, he basically handed Victoria the POV, forcing Cody to do a repl-nom. Cody was displeased.

The remaining comp consequences were "penalty kicks" for Cody--every time an alarm sounds he has to go to the backyard and use a mechanical foot to kick himself in the butt 10 times--and 2,400 goals in 24 hours for Brittany. If Brit doesn't make her goals she can't play in the next POV (and I think she also said something about can't be saved by the BOB). This is a really difficult position for Brit to be in. If she achieves the goal, she's labeled a huge threat and so she has to go. If she gives up and doesn't try she's called a quitter and doesn't want to be there. Best case is she tries and doesn't quite make it. Then she's not a quitter, but can argue, hey, keep me around, I can't play next week.

To make everything worse, though a lot of them want to see Caleb go up for his selfish move at the POV, they actually don't want him to go over Brit, so the plan is to repl-nom Donny. As Brit's been outside kicking for her life, Donny's been her near constant cheerleader. He's the one guy she completely can't campaign against, and frankly, I'd hate to see him go.

A major theme from most of the guys in the house has been that certain people (women) have to go because they're targeting the guys. Brittany and Jocasta were the targets this week because they had both indicated that if they won HOH they were putting up all guys. Amber is now a target because she's said similar things. Amber has also asked why she's the sacrificial pawn in the alliance when Christine gets off scott free. And the answer is basically that Amber's been thinking for herself, while Christine just does whatever the guys want.

I've never been one to root for men or women just because of their gender--I root for whomever is playing the best game and being the most fun for me to watch. And I like to see people play the same way. Align with the people that are best for your game and get out those who aren't on your side. And I get that all guy or mixed alliances work best--all female alliances rarely work--but targeting people just because of their gender is wrong. And what's really ticked me off this season is the blatant double standard. The guys are getting upset hearing that the women are planning on putting up all men, but when they do the reverse it's totally okay. On top of that, the massive alliance is turning on Amber before going after the guys not in their alliance. In fact, they've pulled Hayden into the group and he's already ranking above Amber.

And then there's poor Donny. He's likely to be the replacement nom when Victoria comes down. And this is in large part thanks to Derrick. He's pushing for Donny to go up to ensure that Brittany goes out. A few of the others want Caleb up and out for what he did at the POV, but Derrick is hardcore against that, and keeps saying they can't keep Brit because she plans to put up all guys. For as much crap as people gave Devin about constantly mentioning his daughter, I wish Derrick would remember that he has a daughter too, and she shouldn't grow up to hear her dad talking this way about women. I also wish Derrick wasn't completely full of shit when he says Team America is his number one alliance. If that were true he wouldn't be putting a teamie at risk, and he'd be respecting the tasks, not just trying to mold whatever he was already planning to do into a shape that will get him a bonus $5K. We already know Frankie could give a fuck about what the viewers want, but now Derrick's just as bad. And being a giant hypocrite about it.

At the rate we're going most of the women will be gone soon. Nicole may coast through for a while, but she won't make it to the end. Then Christine will get BB12 Britney'ed so hard. The main difference will be that this time it will be funny. And once there are all guys left the real bloodbath will begin.

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