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kicking brittany

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posted Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Things briefly almost got interesting when DR and a few of the HGs seemed to get to Cody and convince him to put up Caleb as the repl-nom. DR definitely didn't want their only true Team America player on the block, but his teamies did. As soon as Cody told Frankie he was putting up Caleb, Frankie flipped out, went and retrieved the undercover cop, and between the two of them they talked Cody back to the Pawn Donny plan. Since Cody had flat out told Donny he wasn't going up, the feeds came back from blockage to a very shocked Donny.

The upside of all this is that Donny is now completely on to the lay of the land. He noted to Jocasta that there are 4 people who haven't been on the block yet (Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Christine) and that clearly the leader of the pack is in that group. He also said that he doesn't believe Cody really wanted to put him up, and I think he knows Christine's a tag-along, so he's sure that his TA teammates have a knife aimed straight at his back. But when Derrick talked to him, saying he had no idea, and it would be fine, Donny played along nicely. Derrick also mentioned several times that they need Donny to complete the TA missions (true).

While I acknowledge that Derrick's playing a great game, it really ticks me off every time he says he's all about Team America. I don't blame him for not sacrificing his own game for our amusement, but don't lie to us. It's insulting.

They're all lying to Brittany, saying either that they're voting for her, or they're not sure yet, so she actually thinks she stands a chance against Donny. At one point Zach had her riled up to call a house meeting and try to get certain people to say they were going to vote to keep her. His pitch to her was that it would force people to see that the "house" was voting one way. He ran up to HOH and told Cody the plan, and Cody nearly had a coronary. Zach was saying it would a riot when no one would say they were keeping her, but Cody pointed out that it would all blow back on him. Zach then had to run around and make it right, which he managed to do quite nicely, telling Brit it was a bad idea and he didn't want to hurt her chances. None of it really matters at all Brittany is pretty much guaranteed to be meeting Julie tomorrow.

In other news, they got a bunch of alcohol last night and Caleb forced Amber on the most awkward BB date since BB8 Amber/Mike's (I'd actually forgotten that unpleasantness until Daniele called it out on Twitter). Amber dropped every hint in the book that she's not interested but Caleb lives in his own little world and is still convinced they have a future together. He later declared it his best date ever, causing many out here to wonder what kind of crap dates he's been on before. This has actually gone from being pathetic and funny to being just sad and even a little bit scary.

A little real life came into the house today, when Frankie was given the news that his grandfather passed away yesterday. He got a very nice letter from his mom, letting him know, but making very clear that everyone (including his grandfather) wanted him to stay in the game. He got a lot of love and support from the others.


Lines of the Days

Derrick: We'll just be like 'Caleb, we're gonna vote Brittany out this week, you're the plan for next week, so just roll with it.'
Frankie: What was the war in the 40s?
Caleb: Desert Storm.
me: >headdesk<
From Frankie's letter from home: He's watching you from heaven, and that's better than any livefeed we've got.
Nicole to Amber: It's your fault for looking so hot. You can't look that hot and not expect it.
Cody: [Jocasta] like got into the Bible, she like saved me. I mean I don't really know what it is, don't really know what happened.
Derrick: I think this (booze delivery) is a sign that we're boring.
Zach: I'll just say 'Cody told me.....'
Cody: NO!
Zach: I'll just throw you under the bus real quick.
Frankie: Tell her, 'I spoke to some people who've actually seen the show before and they said house meetings are never a good idea'.
Cody: You know whose face it's (the house meeting) gonna blow up in...mine.
Zach: In front of WHO though?
Cody: Everyone!
Brittany: There's 2 people I refuse to go home before. (Zach & Victoria)
me: So we're going to have a BB squatter where she just refuses to go?
Brit: If I win HOH, I just want to see my kids. You guys can pick the nominees.
me: Um, so, why not just go home & see your actual kids?
Derrick: [Cody]'s half [Brittany's] age.
me: Apparently 23 is half of 29. #DerrickMath
Caleb: It was literally an army of ants, they were like 'move, move move!'
Jocasta: Save yourselves!
Victoria: We love you, Donny.
Donny: I appreciate that. I love....most of y'all.
Christine: I don't like having pictures taken of me.
Zach: You're on a TV show!
Cody: I feel like everyone is gonna watch that and be like 'you pussy.'
me: Donny's Team America...Frankie and Derrick are Team Fuck You, America
Derrick: Frankie just told me (Caleb's going up)
Cody: Yeah, I know he did b/c he's a fucking little weasel.
Cody to Donny: It doesn't really matter what anyone else says at this point, I'm not putting you on the block.
Donny: You have a big decision.
Cody: Yeah, I think I kinda just made it.
Zach: You guys are just worrying about yourselves. You say it's for the team, but it's really not.
Donny: How can you connive alone?
Caleb: I would put up someone in the alliance.
me: And for the first time ever, I actually agree with Caleb.
Cody: I can't say 'Donny, I know you were going to target people in my alliance so I have to put you up to protect the alliance'.
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