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actors and sociopaths

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posted Friday, 25 July 2014

It was A Very Special Episode of Big Brother this week. We got the memorial for Grandpa Grande, a lot of tears and sympathy for Brittany as she kicked balls, and a blindside nom for Donny. Brittany was evicted with a unanimous kick that surprised no one other than maybe her. But then she went out for a super sweet chat with Julie and an on-screen reunion with her three kids.

The HOH comp was the knockout style, name-that-comp with a country music theme. Another one that I imagine Caleb "guaranteed" he'd win. In the end, Derrick threw it to Frankie, as he'd promised he would, and Zach beat out Christine. Both runners-up would have escaped TrackerJacker determined "laziest HG" HN duty (along with Caleb and Nicole). Caleb's confused how he could be the laziest in the house. He just doesn't get how the trackers work. Sure Zach may sleep 20 hours a day, but when he is awake he's always on the move. Caleb also has the added comedy factor of thinking that something in slop increases his estrogen level and makes him grow boobs. (Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up.) And Christine finally has to deal with the HNs, having escaped thus far due to the fact that she basically can't eat human food between her gluten and soy allergies.

They came back after HOH and we began a night of absolute chaos. Both Frankie and Zach had 97 different stories of whom they were targeting this week. And Zach had the added feature of speaking 9000 miles a minute. It was impossible to follow, but also damn entertaining to watch. The trick was to realize that it didn't matter what was said. All that mattered was that everyone was flipping out.

The problem with actors, and for that matter, sociopaths, is that it is impossible to tell what's true and what's not. Normally with BB I can tell when someone's lying, either because they're not good at it, or they have at least one true ally to whom they tell the real story. Worst case, we sometimes have to wait for the show and get some DR time to find out what the real plan is. But with this crew, there's none of that. They're all playing so many different sides that all you can count on is that they want themselves to advance.

In the end, Zach nominated Nicole and Christine, mainly because he wanted Christine to step up and contribute something to the game. He had wanted her to throw BOB so he could remain HOH, but there was no way she was doing it. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria, in order to "avoid getting blood on his hands." Apparently since they've both been up so many times they weren't supposed to be upset about it.

But not having gotten that memo, Victoria and Jocasta were both upset. Victoria kept crying how it wasn't fair and she didn't want her parents to see her on the block again. Jocasta was afraid Victoria was in on some plan to throw the comp and tried to convince her to kill it. Ironically, there was no such plan, Victoria just naturally sucks and they lost the comp handily.

Zach had also been targeted by the weekly Team (Fuck You) America nonsense, and they're hoping to get him into a fight with Christine. Though he apparently had one doozy of a nom speech, it sounds like she stayed calm, so TA is going to have to try to get her riled up for the veto meeting somehow. Nicole and Christine having won the BOB will make that much harder, so this might be a fail for TA.

We still have the veto ahead of us but all the backdoor talk is already going full steam. A lot of them want Amber out, a few want Caleb, and another few want Zach. I think Frankie actually really wants Jocasta gone. But nothing matters until someone wins the POV. And then we can be confused all over again as everyone starts in on a new set of inscrutable lies and half-truths.

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