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posted Sunday, 27 July 2014

Shortly after I posted my last entry, the house was once again invaded by real world news when Derrick was told that his grandfather had passed away. Derrick's reaction was very different from Frankie's, much more stoic and sedate. They all sat in the living room quietly for a while, then Derrick asked for some alone time. Several of them came in and tried to talk to him one-on-one first and then finally they left him in peace. BB also respected the request and left the cameras off him as long as the others stayed away. There's been talk of Jocasta leading a dual "memorial service" sometime today, but I'm honestly hoping it doesn't happen. This isn't the sort of thing that should have any kind of entertainment value.

In game news, they played the POV and it was some sort of super intense physical comp. Several of them came out of with injuries or other ill effects. Christine and Frankie were both complaining of asthma attacks, Jocasta was felled by heat exhaustion again (she also hurt her knee in the BOB - she's becoming as bad as last year's Calamity GM), and Frankie said he "hurt his hole" (can't make this stuff up).

Hayden came out unscathed and victorious. There was immediate plan hatching to get out Amber. The idea was that Frankie would ask everyone who they wanted out. He'd save Caleb for last, tell him that Amber's been playing him, and that they were going to put her up. If Caleb agreed, Amber would go. If he resisted Caleb would be the repl-nom himself.

But before the plan could even be put into action, Caleb came up with his own idea. He's not happy that Amber's been ignoring him and he thinks she needs to be "put in her place." So he himself suggests that Hayden use the veto and that Amber go up as the repl-nom. Caleb doesn't want Amber to go, but says he just wants to "scare" her. He's also 100% convinced that she'll come running to him for help once she's on the block.

From a game perspective, most of them can't believe their luck that Caleb's suggesting this. They completely plan to vote Amber out anyway, but this way they can put her up without Caleb flipping out (and save the flipping out for Thursday, or convince him that she needs to go). But from a reality perspective, Caleb has crossed the line from being a joke to being an actual obsessed stalker. All of this perception that Amber has to love him, that she needs him to rescue her, and that he's doing things intended to intimidate or frighten her, are literally part of the textbook definition of a stalker. And that's just not fun to watch.

On the other hand, what is fun to watch is Zach. He calmed down a bit after the cyclone that was Thursday night, but he's still been running around and creating bit of havoc. In one of the most amusing moments of the feeds this season, Zach and Caleb started a fake fight in HOH, absolutely screaming at each other. It was so convincing that both Cody and Officer Derrick came flying up the stairs to intervene. The boys immediately burst out laughing, so no one panicked. But it was hysterical for about 45 seconds.

They also got their HN supplement: Deep Fish Pizza. This turned out to be pizza crusts, including gluten-free for Christine and Caleb (who thinks flour is increasing his estrogen level and giving him breasts--again, can't make this stuff up), and various types of canned fish. In addition to the HNs, Jocasta's on slop for a week as some sort of comp consequence. I suspect she had to either take slop to stay in the comp at some point. In any case they're all pretty happy with the extra options.

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