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quite a pickle

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posted Wednesday, 31 July 2014

As planned, Hayden vetoed Victoria, Frankie put up Amber and ZachAttack happened. After the meeting, Amber was immediately sure that everyone had known she was going up, which, of course, they had. She didn't quite pick up on the fact that she was intended to go home though. She also didn't run weeping into Caleb's arms, as he had expected. She did ask to talk to him, but he was up on his way too high horse, and said "you don't request to speak to me" and she was turned away.

So Amber did the actual logical thing, and went and spoke to the girls. She commented on the fact that all and only women went on the block this week and that they clearly needed to work to protect themselves from the Testosterone Brigade. Frankie saw Amber sitting with Nicole and Victoria, jumped to conclusions and generally took advantage of the moment and ran right to Caleb, saying that Amber was a rat and had to go. He claimed Nicole had told him what Amber had said.

Caleb then went on a confrontation loop, talking first to Amber, who got him rolled back around to her side. He then started calling in witnesses and eventually became sure that Frankie was the rat. After a bit of scurrying Frankie was able to undo some of that damage, but Caleb was still back on SaveAmber. Unfortunately during his Amber-Must-Die time, a few of them had already told him they were voting her out. So he spent what felt like an eternity campaigning for her to stay. They quickly decided to just appease him, though it wasn't that easy to shut him up.

It eventually became a double-blindside plan where Amber would go on an 8-1 vote and Caleb would be devastated. A few were concerned that he'd go ballistic and there was plenty of talk about giving him a heads' up. Also somewhere in there Derrick started talking about possibly keeping Amber. He's become more and more wary of Frankie and seems to see an upside to having creating a split in the house.

Then in a move that couldn't have been better scripted if they'd tried, the boys "let slip" to Caleb that Amber was so mad at him for putting her in this horrible position that she was now targeting him. He went on a rage/mope loop that was too funny for words. Bunny slippers were thrown, and the line of the night came out: "Dude, I ate the pickle."

The plan then became a pure Amber blindside. Caleb talked crazy about doing things like interrupting Julie during the liveshow, or attacking Amber with baby powder. There was talk of cluing her in at the last minute, but I'm not sure where that ended up. Derrick's also still been mentioning kicking Jocasta, though that might be about who goes next. Now that Caleb's back in the fold the plans to dump him are on hold.

With the TA nonsense of the week possibly being hinky votes blamed on others, who knows what could happen tomorrow. It's not completely clear who the target is going to end up being, and they could end up evicting an unintended victim, or they could end up creating truly fantastic drama.

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