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zach attacked

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posted Monday, 4 August 2014

Amber left as planned on another anonymous vote. No fireworks from anyone, especially her. The only real drama from the show revolved around Donny refusing to do the TA task. He felt that it would be out of character for him to accuse anyone of anything, and none of them were creative enough to come up with way to do it without drawing suspicion. For himself, Donny's probably right. That's the problem with twists like this--we want one thing and the HGs want another. The refusal, and therefore loss of $5K each, did nothing to endear Donny to Frankie and Derrick.

They popped out to play a true/false HOH comp, based on the video loops they'd watched the day before. There should have been no problem finishing a simple Q&A comp during the liveshow, but for some reason they ran out of time and had to do the tie-breaker off screen. A more suspicious person than myself might think it was so they could rig the results. But BB would never do such a thing, right? In any case, we had to wait for the feeds to return to learn that Nicole and Donny had won.

This sent the house into fully scamper mode as it's the first real power shift of the season. This naturally, with this bunch, led to the formation of several new alliances. It also didn't take a whole lot of thought for the HsOH to agree on their noms: Caleb/Victoria for Donny and Zach/Jocasta for Nicole. Nicole made a payback nom speech for Zach, and had a secret plan to backdoor Frankie. Donny had promised Derrick and Frankie he wouldn't nom or b-d them, but he was all on board with Nicole booting Frankie.

So really it was no surprise when Caleb/Victoria won BOB and dethroned Donny. They got some punishments to go along with their win. Two weeks on slop for both, 48 hours chained together in some poorly assembled Adam and Eve costumes, and a shaved head for Caleb. Caleb has whined immensely about all 3, especially the shaved head. For a soldier he's surprisingly against the buzz-cut; I'm surprised he hasn't claimed it will cause him PTSD. Or maybe he has. Nicole also named volunteers Hayden, Cody and Frankie as HNs--they get Pea Lime Pie as their supplement.

They went out to play the POV, and it was do or die for Zach, though I don't think he knows that. The comp started late, and ran long, so it was still in progress when BBAD started. We got cameras on the non-participants with some audio-bleed of Zach screaming that he was missing a puzzle piece, repeatedly getting the "wrong answer" buzzer, and yelling that he wanted to give up. So it was no surprise when they finally finished and he had not won -- Christine had.

Christine, who for obvious reasons was not included on the backdoor-Frankie plan, did not use the veto. Zach is sure he's safe, but Christine immediately went to work turning Cody against Zach. It didn't take much as Cody's been wary of Zach Attack for a while now. There was some hope that Derrick might spin things around, but as of this evening, it's not happening. Derrick had a long talk with Frankie, confirming that he's Team America all the way. They see Zach as a wildcard, and stirring up too much drama, so he's got to go. Again, it's true for them, but not so much for us.

The finale has been announced for September 24th, putting BB16 at 97 frickin' days long. I swear they're trying to kill me. With a week more than last season and the same number of people, we're almost guaranteed a boomerang juror, possibly two. So a lot of Zach fans are now pinning hopes on a return. I can't help but remember how Judd fans did the same thing last year, and then he came back and teamed up with GM/Andy/Spencer....and broke our hearts.

With DE on Thursday, it's always possible that Zankie could go in a one-two punch, which will leave us with a lot of angry and confused Ariana fans, and lots of people threatening to stop watching the show. The thought is actually exhausting to me.

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