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frankie comes out

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posted Wednesday, 13 August 2014

[The "real" job got in the way of BB this week in a major way, and unfortunately a lot happened. For the sake of completeness, this is just a rundown of the week.]

After the DE, a lot of alliances were in trouble. NicoTine had been over for a while, but now it was soooo over. Frankie was exposed and most of the guys were after him, mostly Zach. Nicole and Christine won the HOHs, made up a bit, and Frankie ran to them and told them to put up Derrick/Cody/Zach/Caleb. That lasted about 14 seconds until Zach spilled all to Nicole and she alerted him to the Frankie-shank in his side. The boys then plotted with Nicole to put up Frankie with Caleb, who would throw the BOB by completely refusing to participate, so Frankie could g-o, go.

But production was so not okay with losing their stuntcast, and as it ended up, Frankie was able to complete the BOB all on his own. There was definitely some entertainment value in the BeastMode Sit-In, but the whole thing was a little hinky. It's the first BOB that was even possible to complete alone, and arguably it was easier for a solo to win. Plus, feeders have heard that Caleb tried to jump in, which would have made it possible for him to sabotage Frankie, and was not allowed to do so. In any case, Frankie won, dethroned Nicole and the Zankie fight continued.

Right after the BOB, Frankie gathered the boys together, made sure the cameras were in place, and spilled his big news - he's a "Social Media Mogul" and Ariana's broski. A few of them had no idea who Ariana was, and even those who did, didn't really care. None of them, or us for that matter, had any idea what a "social media mogul" is. Zach in particular was clearly shaken. Add in the news that Frankie is "playing for charity" and everyone felt majorly fucked over. They know he has any America's vote wrapped up, and they're afraid he's got an edge in the game because some people will be star-struck.

And speaking of star-struck, Frankie's reveal to the girls went more as he wanted. They all oohed and ahhed the way he wanted, and Victoria screamed and went on about how much she looooooved Ari.

Next up was POV, which was OTEV in the form of a Pissed Off Penguin. Zach pulled of the win, and suddenly Frankie was all about making up. Zach eventually seemed to come around to forgiving him and being back on TeamZankie, but I wouldn't put money on it being sincere from either party.

In an interesting little twist, on Monday evening, Derrick, Cody and Christine were in the backyard and heard fans screaming "We love Big Brother!" "I love you, Zach" (girl) and "I love you more!" (guy). Derrick was tickled and told Zach what happened. Christine was "disgusted" and along with Cody, claimed not to have really heard what was said. (Though they did "correct" Derrick a bit in his retell.)

Zach also spilled all to Victoria and inadvertently blew up Derrick's backup pocket pal plan to bring her to the end along with Cody. When Victoria got super upset, Zach actually tried to do some damage control, telling her (honestly) that Derrick's always had her back. But Zach made a miscalculation and tried to cover to Derrick saying it was Nicole who spilled. Derrick realized that was a lie and blew the whole thing up. Somehow Derrick managed to come out of the whole thing unscathed, getting everyone back on the HateZach train, and restoring trust with Victoria to the point where she ended up volunteering to do his laundry (and followed through).

Next up Derrick decided that Nicole needed to the replnom. He couldn't have himself go up (OBVI) and didn't want Victoria or Cody at risk, plus he wants to keep Donny for TA purposes. So he set ZachAttack and BeastMode Puppy on the job and got Christine convinced that Nicole was planning to backdoor her had Nicole stayed HOH, and Christine needed to return the favor. Actually, I'm not sure Christine bought this story, but she did see that all the boys want Nicole on the block and went along with it.

Nicole's been making a valiant effort at campaigning. She's got a lot of strong points and in other circumstances might have a chance. But, what Derrick wants, Derrick gets so she's a goner. It doesn't help Nicole that Frankie also wants her gone.

I'm not particularly happy with this latest turn of events. Though Frankie wasn't my favorite before this (that spot has been solidly occupied by Zach for a few weeks) I didn't hate him as much as a lot of people did. The main reason was that I didn't care about any of the background nonsense, I was just judging him as a BB HG, as were the rest of them. If it had stayed that way, and he'd gone far, then fine, he earned it. It's different than another player using something about their life, whether true or not, because Frankie was specifically cast, and seems to be getting special treatment from production, because of who he, or more accurately, his sister, is. He's already likely to win any America's vote--even if the livefeeders aren't falling for this, we're a small portion of the viewers and TVOVs + GrandeFans will blow the curve. Also, apparently this was all planned.

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