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the best frayed plans

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posted Saturday, 16 August 2014

After Nicole bounced out on a 6-0 vote as planned, it was out to play HOH and Derrick and Frankie won. It's getting to the point where it's nearly impossible to protect the ridiculously large alliance, and it's especially hard for Derrick who is in one kind of an alliance or another with literally every single person left in the house. Nevertheless, the boys decided that Donny needed to be The Target this week, though they wanted to make it non-obvious for the sake of Team America.

The original plan was for Zach and Donny to go up together, and give Zach instructions to throw the BOB. Two of the alliance members would go up on the other side and win the comp. Then if Donny won POV, Victoria would be the repl-nom. The stated idea was that Victoria would go out, but Derrick was, of course, planning on Zach. Things got really silly, with Derrick saying things like that he and Frankie had "decided" who would stay HOH. As if wishing could make it so, and the comp was totally irrelevant.

When the plan was presented to Zach, he made a few very rational points such as that if he had the chance to be safe this late in the game he'd take it. He also pointed out that there was a chance that the comp wouldn't be "throwable" just like last week. In the end they ended up literally drawing Skittles from a hat, and deciding the noms that way. It was decreed by Skittle that Donny and Christine would go against Cody and Caleb, and after the BOB Derrick would be the remaining HOH.

But things being what they are, it all fell apart, when Christine was unable to throw the BOB. Cody and Caleb apparently naturally sucked at it, and despite Christine actually not helping, Donny won it all on his own. The real affects of the Skittle plan are that Donny now knows that they're all completely against him, Derrick was dethroned, and Frankie can't play in the next HOH. All not according to plan.

Frankie has said repeatedly to Zach and others that if/when the POV is used, Victoria will go up (all assuming Victoria doesn't win POV). But Derrick's been hard at work to get Zach back-doored. They picked players for the veto on Friday night and everyone but Derrick and Zach is playing. Donny has approached Zach and hinted at the fact that Zach could well be the repl-nom, despite what they're all saying. It would completely fray the last remaining threads of the plan if Donny would win POV, refuse to use it, and send either Cody or Caleb packing.

In other news, they got the mid-sized table today, along with some Transylvania themed Have-Not foods. Frankie picked Christine and Victoria for the HNs on the premise that they'd done it the least, conveniently ignoring the fact that Vic's been on slop for the last 2 weeks and it really should have been Christine and Derrick. It's also the only 2 women left in the house, keeping up the theme of Big Brother 16, Misogynist Edition.

The TA nonsense for the week is for them to steal an article of clothing from each HG, and then set up a 24 hour "watch" to catch the perp. It's one of the lamer tasks, but at least it targets all of the HGs equally. The other choice was to keep one HG up for 24 hours straight, and we all know Zach would have been the victim of that.

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