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proZach nation

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posted Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Zingbot showed up for the POV, but was malfunctioning and only giving props to the HGs. So Kathy Griffin popped in and did some zinging of her own. She got Victoria good with one about not playing the game, and gave Zach a nice one about cuddling with men. Zach tried to keep a straight/angry face, but Kathy came at him with "zing, motherfucker, ZING!" and he collapsed in laughter. Then they ran out to play the comp and rewire Zingbot. Frankie won and Zingbot was back in fine form. He scored a double-whammy with one to Cody about Christine's husband hating him, that upset Christine more than anything. The 'Bot also hit Frankie with a zing about living in his sister's shadow.

Back in the house it was all about KillZach, Volume 3. I've been expecting this since the start of the week, but it was still hard to watch. Donny had given Zach a heads' up but Zach didn't really want to believe his teamies, especially Frankie, would turn on him. He asked Frankie after the POV if Victoria was still going up, and at first got the yes, yes type answer. But by the time the Team America Nonsense went down, he knew he was in trouble. By the time he actually went on the block, he knew it was basically him and Donny against the world.

Meanwhile, out here, the proZach nation just continues to grow. When Frankie told him he was going up, Twitter went crazy over the "rule violation" that you can't tell someone they're going on the block. People started tweeting #ReNomRule, got it trending, and kept it going all night (ironically the same night the TA watch had to keep going).

Then Monday night Caleb, Zach and Frankie were out in the BY and heard fans shouting outside the wall. It was clearly "....hate you! Zach we love you! Frankie you're [something not good]" The HGs ended up on it was "Beastmode we hate you! Zach we love you! Frankie you're disgusting!" Out here someone posted on Joker's that they had done it, and it was actually "Attention Frankie: America hates you! Zach we love you! Frankie you're disgusting!" Zach was clearly tickled, having only heard retells of the last shoutout he got over the wall.

But the love out here does nothing for in there, or if it does, it's not good. Zach's a sure bet to go tomorrow (I've thought that before and was wrong, but it really looks like third time's the charm). The hate is just growing, as many of them are deciding that Zach's responsible for all evils in the world. Victoria decided to repo her pink hat that Zach's been wearing all summer, then take a knife to it just for spite.

I've rarely seen so much love for a HG. Zach's not universally loved; no one is. But it's clear that most of the fan support is going to him and Donny. Donny had many people from 'hello' but a lot (including myself) have done a complete 180 on Zach. Part of it is surely the mob mentality of social media, but a lot of it that he really is the most entertaining. Donny was always easy to root for as the underdog, and Zach's fallen into a slightly different version of the underdog as he's become The Target. The rest of them aren't awful like last year, but they're becoming more and more reminiscent of the BB6 Nerd Herd, talking about being good people and deserving to win and such nonsense.

The best hope is that Zach will win the revive-a-hamster, whatever form that takes. BB's been calling it a battle, so it sounds like a comp for sure. They've also been saying it's a twisted season, and though that's a bit of a joke, it would still be a little surprising if they do the exact same thing as last year. I'd love to see a twitter spam vote for once, even if it was just for an advantage in the comp. Zach would have it in the bag, and it wouldn't really matter if the TVOVs are on his side.

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