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the tooth of the matter

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posted Saturday, 23 August 2014

As expected, Zach was evicted 5-0 (he had told Donny not to vote for him and make himself a target). Before Julie had even read the votes, he was up on the table throwing Froot Loops at the Dinguses. Even got a chuckle from the Chenbot. Went out and did a great interview, save for the fact that he still trusts Frankie way more than he should. Julie told him there was a shot to get back in the game, and then it was out to play the crapshoot comp. They were all in it until the last round, but in the end it was Nicole who pulled out a second chance. Jocasta was a close second.

Back in the house Nicole told them all about the jury house and her little glimpses of the outside world. She even had the news that Ariana was in the audience for the double eviction and gave Hayden the cold shoulder (he recognized her, but of course didn't know she was Frankie's sister). It was immediately clear that Donny and Zach against the world was now Donny and Nicole against the world, but more so. No one was pretending Nicole was in with the other side as they had been with Zach.

So it was out to play HOH and Cody won. The comp had something to do with day numbers and apparently Donny made a comment about how no one could call Cody dumb now. Which Cody took great offense at. In all fairness, they've all been on a roll about Donny for a while now as Derrick's been revving them up to get Donny out.

Derrick quickly decided (because let's not even pretend that Cody's deciding anything this week) that Donny and Nicole should go up. Donny was The Target, but should he happen to win POV, Nicole would go. There were some rumblings about backdooring Frankie, but Derrick seems to have decided that it's a bad idea. Meanwhile Frankie popped up to HOH at one point to tell Cody that if he gets to pick HNs this week it should also be Donny and Nicole. So when the "squish kabobs" rolled out that's precisely what Cody did.

Sure enough, noms came and went and it was Donny and Nicole on the block. There were some rumblings about Pandora's box that came to nothing, so it was all about the POV. Or so it would seem. But on Saturday, Donny pulled Derrick into the storage room to let him know they'd gotten their TA marching orders. They were being allowed to pick their own mission. It has to be completed by the end of the veto meeting, and then America would vote on whether it was a good mission and whether it was successful. Donny suggested that they make saving him from the block their mission.

Many out here wondered if this was a real mission, or if Donny was just trying to play them to save him. But there's a rule about using production as part of your strategy, and Donny's not a rule breaker (nor, frankly, is he that conniving). I think it was a clear play by production to save the most favored TA member. The whole bit about "by the conclusion of the veto meeting" really makes it seem so. But alas, Derrick and Frankie aren't interested in playing. They both suggested doing something "fun." Last I heard they were going to try to get the HGs to put on a play. (Are you f'ing kidding me?!?)

The only real drama in the house was brought by Victoria. She's been complaining for at least a day or so that her tooth was hurting. She's a bit swollen, but I wasn't really buying it because Friday night she was chomping away on popcorn. But by Saturday morning she was looking really bad. She went into the toilet at one point, and Nicole, who was sitting out in the bathroom heard some whimpering noises, asked if she was okay and eventually opened the door to check. Victoria was sitting on the floor and Nicole said "oh my God, you're so sweaty." She then called out for Derrick to get help. We were sent to the fishtank, and when we came back, Victoria was MIA. From the retells she actually did pass out. She was returned a few hours later, apparently she was treated on site with fluids. They took some blood and said they'd get her an antibiotic if she's got an infection. There was lots of talk about what would happen if she had to leave the game, but in the end nothing really came of it. Seems like she's doing alright.

All this led to a late start for the POV, or maybe it was always going to be late-ish. Victoria wasn't "allowed" to play, but it didn't matter as she wasn't picked anyway. Caleb was the other sit-out and served as host. They went off behind the JeffLoops and when we came back a couple hours later it turned out that Cody had won. He also got to see a preview of a new CBS show (Scorpion) and chose Nicole and Donny to join him, because they'd be allowed to eat despite being Have-Nots. Big of him, eh?

Anyway, since Derrick's unlikely to use the POV or go along with the SaveDonny TA mission, the week's pretty much D-U-N, done. But you never know....something totally unexpected could always happen....

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