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boo who?

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posted Saturday, 6 September 2014

BB16 continues to be the season of "Expect the Expected." Naturally, the backdoor-Frankie plan did not come to anything. Derrick actually did eventually get on-board but then for some mysterious reason, Caleb hoped off. The show portrayed the whole thing as being about Derrick getting concerned about Nicole, but that wasn't it at all. I'm actually starting to think that it's in Frankie's contract that he can't be evicted before a certain point.

So Victoria went up and had a minor freak out. Not about being nominated, but about the fact that Derrick might, at some point later in the game, be evicted before her. It was really quite bizarre. She knew she was safe-ish this week despite being on the block, and Derrick was obviously safe. But for some reason she started panicking about having to live without him in the BB house. He basically told her to get over herself. In any case, the rest of the week was completely pointless. Nicole was done.

They had correctly guessed that a DE was coming up, and Cody and Derrick had a few conversations about what to do. Cody wanted to nominate Christine and Frankie to ensure that one of them went. He was concerned about Frankie winning the POV and saving Christine. There was a slight chance of that, though the fact is Frankie is more loyal to the boys than to Christine. But personally, I wanted to see Cody's plan happen for two reasons. One, it would ensure that either Christine or Frankie went, but it would also mean that whichever stayed would be pissed...and we might finally get a bit of a show.

But, of course, because it is the year of Big Boredom, Derrick won the DE HOH. Derrick actually is a much better strategic gameplayer than Cody, and made the right choice for his own game, and put up Christine and Victoria. And to prove it was right, Frankie won the POV and didn't use it. Christine went out on a 3-0 vote...and to a chorus of very loud BOOs.

I was shocked by the boos. They were much worse than any of the raving racists got last year. In the past audiences were told not to boo, but word on the street is that Thursday's audience was told it was okay. The HGs heard what happened, and quickly came to the conclusion that it was all about Christine's odd relationship with Cody. That may be true; the show certainly played it up with the Zingbot and with the package last week with Christine's family, so the TVOVs are in on that. Though I found the cuddling awkward, I'm not here to be the morality police. The reason I didn't like Christine was that I found absolutely nothing entertaining about watching her play BB. But I still felt horrible for her being booed. She's a fan of the show, and had mentioned that it would devastate her to find out she's hated. No one deserves that. Well, maybe Frankie does.

Truth is, if Frankie goes out to massive boos (which I don't expect in the slightest) I won't feel even a little bit sorry for him. He's got a ego the likes of which I've rarely seen, so he'll survive it. He'll somehow spin any hate he receives into something positive about himself--people are just jealous, it's homophobia, whatever. And after everything he's done to ruin BB16 for many of us, he deserves whatever he gets.

Back in the game, Julie announces the latest twist--BB Rewind. The HGs will have a button in the house, and if it's pushed any time this week, the entire week doesn't count. During the liveshow an alarm will go off, the nominees come off the block, HOH is dethroned, POV is revoked and they play the week over DE style. I initially figured this was another ploy to save Frankie. My guess was that if Frankie was safe this week, the button wouldn't be pushed, but if he was in danger it would.

However in an actual unexpected twist, they come back from HOH, we find Frankie won and he immediately insists that they push the button. I think he really thought it was a Pandora's Box type situation where he as HOH could profit from it. He also said straight out that he's safe as HOH. It's not even crossing his mind that he could get Chima'ed.

So the button's been pushed and nothing really matters this week. Except that cards will (may) be shown. They'll go through the whole week not knowing that it's all the equivalent of a dream. Chances are reasonably good that Frankie will re-win the rewind HOH and the week will go exactly as it did the first time. But for now we can hope for something to stir things up.

In other news, Jeff and Jordan dropped by the BB house on Friday to get engaged. That's nice for them and all, but it's such an obvious publicity stunt by CBS that I can't help but roll my eyes. I also feel kind of bad for them that their happy moment will forever be associated with this dull ass season.

TA got their latest nonsense--they are to convince the others there's a "rodent" in the house and keep them up all night (defined by BB as until 6AM, which is the normal bedtime for some of them) hunting for it. As long as no one drifts off they'll probably manage to pull it off. The latest livefeeder poll was to send in an actual live animal - choices were dog or bunny. Dog was looking to win by a landslide last time I checked. I'm not sure how I feel about these Froot Loop Dinguses being given responsiblity for anything higher on the food chain than a fish, but whatever. If they mistreat it, maybe Bob Barker will show up and beat them up (Bold and the Beautiful fans may get this one).

Even though it doesn't matter, I suppose I should mention that Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria, and that Frankie won the POV.

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