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puppy love

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posted Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I didn't intend to post again until the Rewind, but there's nothing like a puppy to make you feel happy and want to say something nice.

They got a dog named Izzy for a day, based on a livefeeder vote. Did nothing to affect the game, but it did add some fun to the feeds for a few hours.

Speaking of feeling good...they managed to do just fine with the JeJo engagement. It ended up not being overly tainted by the HGs, mainly because they really weren't part of the event. They came out just for the mini-concert and montage segment.

In other non-news, Frankie didn't use the pointless veto, so Cody and Victoria remain on the block to be buzzed off when the timer hits zero. Derrick and Victoria have hatched a little plan to try to convince the others that she's mad at him. This is meant to potentially save her, but more importantly convince the others that she's not a guaranteed jury vote for him.

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