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be kind, rewind

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posted Saturday, 13 September 2014

So the clock reached zero and Julie rewound the week. They presented it like everything went back in time, but really, everything still happened. Jeff and Jordan are still engaged, Izzy still came and went, Eek-a-Mouse still earned Frankie and Derrick another $5K, and everything that they said and did still mattered. All that really rewound was the comps and their consequences.

So it was out to play a true re-do HOH. I was surprised to see they were using the exact same comps, and initially thought it would mean that nothing would really change. But when the feeds came back on, Caleb was holding the HOH key. This didn't surprise me too much; he was a close second the first time around. The comp was also a little different, most notably the water that rained down on them was apparently much colder, and we all know that's Frankie's Achilles heel. There was also some speculation that Frankie threw the comp, confident that he'd win POV and now ensuring he could play in the F4 HOH.

Caleb initially planned to nominate Victoria and Derrick, with the plan of putting up Frankie post-POV if he was an option. But Teflon Derrick talked him into putting Frankie up from the get-go. The argument was that if he wasn't on the block, Frankie could win POV and save Victoria. There was really no chance he was going to do that, but it convinced Caleb. His stated reason for not putting Derrick up was that he hadn't competed in HOH.

Before nominations the jurors invaded the house for a luxury comp. They trashed the place a bit, which we got to see on the feeds and then went off behind JeffLoops for the comp. Not a lot of details on what happened but it looks like each HG was "Team-SomeJuror" and the jurors actually did the competing. Hayden won the comp, and got $5K; Victoria was TeamHayden so she gets $5K too. It sounds like the jurors didn't know who was on their team until after the fact, and a few were pissed that Victoria got the cash. Victoria was also beyond pissed during the cleanup when she found that one her massive necklaces was broken. She was sure someone (Zach) did it on purpose. Production later replaced it for her. It was all sort of ironic that she was so upset and saw no karmic parallel with her cutting up the hat (which, I'll point out, prod also sort of replaced when Zach got his jury house b-day gift).

Speaking of the jury house, that was absolutely the highlight of the show. On top of Zach's new pink hat, we got Christine's arrival. Her reception from the jury wasn't much better than the one she got from the studio audience. Hayden asked if she had a thing for dinosaurs now, and Donny asked if she had a divorce lawyer. Donny's exuberance over hearing she got booed was also quite hysterical.

Back in the game, Caleb followed through and put up Victoria and Frankie. Frankie was not happy, saying it was the worst day ever in the house, what with the trashing and the nom from his best friend. (Again, he sees no karmic parallel with what he did to Zach.) The idea was Frankie to think he was a perfectly safe pawn, but Caleb eventually let it slip that there was talk of sending him home if he didn't win POV. Caleb tried to backpedal saying it was just talk because Frankie was "such a beast" but the damage was done. Frankie's not clueless; he already knew this was a risk and Caleb confirmed his fears.

Everyone studied their little hearts out for POV. It seems BB modified the comp a bit, so each HG knew the time to beat as they were playing. If they exceeded the time their turn just ended. This kept the comp a little shorter, I'm sure, and it also added pressure to everyone playing. Cody went first and so didn't have that pressure. He also got an amazing time - 2:30 from what they're saying. And no one was able to beat him.

As always, it's not done till Julie says so, but the plan is to get Frankie out. Cody and Derrick are pretty solid on their F2 and there's pretty much no way Cody would use the POV and have Derrick go up. I'm sure there will be lots of campaigning to keep Frankie. Caleb's a little susceptible because he has no use for Victoria and really does believe in loyalty and "beating the best." He's already suggested the boys split the vote so he can vote out Frankie (which would also let him keep Frankie if he decided to), but Derrick said no way, no how.

People out here went a little batshit crazy when Frankie and Derrick started talking about the latest TA nonsense. It seems they've been told if one of them wins he gets a $50K bonus. Frankie pointed out that the only way to be sure one of them gets it is to both get to F2. Out here people heard that as they get the bonus for F2, i.e. a production move to save Frankie. If you listen closely to the conversation, it's clear that they're saying the bonus is for either of them, they don't have to be F2. It's still arguably helpful to Frankie, but I don't think Derrick's biting. This "mission" also isn't official yet, but assuming it's not totally made up, it's still the most nonsensical of all the TA nonsense so far. But I'll rant about that later, if or when it becomes official.

As usual for this point in the season, the HGs haven't guessed that it's an early eviction. They'll likely tape on Monday, and the feeds will be down until after the show airs on Tuesday. As usual, it's dumb, but we're used to it. And this year, many have abandoned the feeds anyway. On the other hand, things really aren't as set as they usually are. It wouldn't surprise me if Frankie were somehow able to manage to stay. It would be an idiotic game move for most of them, but it still wouldn't surprise me.

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