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posted Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Cody didn't use the POV, and the boys had agreed Frankie would go. They were planning to tell him, and who knows if that happened. The feeds went down for the extended outage, and no one out here really cared. We all tuned into the Tuesday show to be sure that it was Bye-Bye Frankie day. CBS gave him an overly kind exit edit, but the boys weren't dumb, and Frankie went out in a blaze of glitter on a 2-0 vote.

Derrick won the F4 HOH in a Before and After comp, in part thanks to the stunt audience gasping when he had a wrong answer, causing him to jump the correct spot. This win means that Derrick will make it through the season without ever having been nominated by an HOH. If he wins the Final HOH, he'll never even have been in jeopardy of eviction. He's pretty much a lock to win the season.

Feeds came back on and we have the mini table, plus Cody's key in the memory wall, meaning Caleb and Victoria are the noms. It took a while, but we eventually learn that Cody also won the POV. The boys' plan is to kick Caleb, knowing they can beat Victoria in anything the Final HOH comps bring their way. Caleb's still under the impression he's staying, so we should get a nice blindside tomorrow. It's also great for Derrick that Cody will be the one to send Caleb out the door.

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