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all about audrey

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posted Thursday, 23 July 2015

The remainder of the week continued to be All About Audrey. She stayed holed up in the HN room, continued eating non-HN food, hiding in the darkness, and only emerging for the very occasional trip to the loo. When she would venture out of the room, she basically didn't speak to anyone, sometimes even ignoring direct questions. Like "are you alright?"

She finally arose from her hibernation on Wednesday evening, inconveniently right as the show was starting. She spoke first with Jackie, who pretty much told her she'd been a target all along, and all hope was lost. Audrey then pulled Shelli into a hammock room meeting and tried to pull at a few heartstrings. She came out with lines about how hurt she was, how this was particularly hard for her, it was a deep betrayal. She even went as far as saying the BB shrink had "validated" things for her, and that she would not be doing any post-eviction press because it would be just too traumatic. Without quite coming out and saying it, Audrey implied that Shelli was going to be hated outside the house for her mistreatment of Audrey. Of course, this freaked Shelli out and she had a minor meltdown, but everyone else kind of bucked her up.

In addition to eating, Audrey ignored the sleeping rules, having extra pillows and blankets and laying on the floor. She also kept the lights off during the day, and this morning took a hot shower. So basically she was not a have-not. BB never scolded her for anything, adding credence to the notion that they had given her an exemption. After a twin switch when Julia questioned what was going on Steve told her he "knew she wasn't breaking any rules" implying he'd asked the DR. I mentioned it my last post that I considered the possibility that production told her to do whatever she wanted, but she'd get a penalty vote. I also consider it possible that she threatened to walk and they talked her into staying by relaxing the HN rules. It's better for TV if she goes on the show, and that's what this is all about.

Then today Audrey told Vanessa that she had only eaten the pizza because Becky told her production said it was okay, but then later was told by the DR that was a lie and she was getting a penalty vote for it. I find it nearly inconceivable that Becky would do that, but quite feasible that Audrey would spin things to try to shank Becky on her way out the door. We'll see on the show if she really gets a penalty vote, and what sort of spin production gives it. Of course if it were 1 vote per violation, Audrey could end up being the first HG in history to be evicted by a vote of 23-1 (Austin's planning to throw a 'hinky' vote to pin on Steve).

In other news, Austin decided to completely out the twins to Jason, and threw in the added tidbit that he hoped to get rid of Julia at some point so he could have Liz all to himself. Jason immediately ran and told the rest of them what Austin was up to, turning his former allies against him and reinforcing the other side's angle. Which means we have another Target of the House at this point. Though, that could all change with HOH.

The show comes along and does a little recap of Audrey's seclusion for the TVOVs. And Julie tells us Audrey IS getting a penalty vote because she "chose" to eat food. There is footage out there of Becky saying prod said Audrey can eat, so someone is lying. Or at least confused. It could be that they told Becky Audrey could eat "if she wanted"...after all any HN could, they just have to accept the consequences. It could also be that they told Audrey, yeah do whatever you want, but we have to give you a penalty vote or our crazy fans will be out here with their pitchforks, and she accepted the terms, knowing she was going. We'll probably never know the full truth.

Anyway, we got an Audrey hometown visit, pretty much unheard of this early in the season. There was an awkward WhackStreetBoys Live moment since the HGs couldn't hear the music. Audrey and Johnny Mac both did humorous "save me" speeches, each knowing the outcome was set in stone. Audrey was booted on a 9 (10) to 1 vote, with Austin hinkying up the matter, as planned.

Then out for a knockout HOH, and in the end we got Jackie and Vanessa. I'm personally hoping Jackie stays HOH and the house gets shaken up just a tad.

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