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posted Sunday, 2 August 2015

I would never call myself a superfan. I've always considered it more of an addiction than anything else. There really are a lot of a parallels to a traditional's something I enjoy doing, get immediate pleasure from, but if I'm being totally honest, it has some negative affects on my life. A few summers ago I even had a bad car accident and it took me a lot longer than it should have to realize that the sleep deprivation caused by my livefeed addiction was a huge contributing factor. (Fortunately, no one including myself was injured, though I did total my car and seriously damage a parked car.) The last couple of seasons have been difficult for me, in part because I just can't keep up the lifestyle of a BB livefeed addict, and in part because I truly despised large numbers of the HGs. I scaled back on things a little last season, and coming into this season, I decided to cut back even more. I've been committed to getting something resembling a reasonable amount of sleep, and if I don't get around to do anything on this site, I just don't worry about it.

And it's been working. I've been enjoying this season more than any in a while. The things that I miss while sleeping or otherwise living my real life I catch up on easily thanks to Twitter, update sites, and flashback. And I'm generally indifferent towards most of the HGs. There are some I like a bit more, and some a bit less, but there's no one I truly despise and no one I passionately love. Each week I've had a preference of who stays or goes, who wins various comps, but if I don't get what I want I don't care all that much. Ah, the inner peace of it all.

This has been on my mind because despite the fact that last week was a great feeds week, I never got around to putting anything on the site. This site has always been basically my own personal DR. I get to ramble on about my opinions and what's been going on. If other people read it and find it interesting, I think that's fantastic, but that's not why I do it. (Though I will admit, there were times back when I posted every day that the only thing that kept me motivated was knowing that someone other than me was reading it.) Anyway, back to our show....

The week started out great, with Austin rather inexplicably going rogue and spilling all to Jason about the twins. Most notably, he gave up Julia's name and strongly implied he'd be totally fine with her being booted as long as he and Liz were safe. Jason, of course, immediately told absolutely everyone what had happened, setting Vanessa and her minions on a KickAustin kick. When Vanessa told Julia what was going on, she was furious. Conveniently, Jackie and Vanessa won HOH, and everyone agreed to boot Austin. Vanessa would prefer Jackie do the actual dirty work, but said she'd follow through no matter what. Yet another practically-the-whole-house alliance was formed, there were volunteers to both win and throw BOB chosen, and all seemed plotted out.

But, this is Big Brother, and BB doesn't like someone else doing the planning. So, as often happens, the best-laid plans of hamsters went awry, James failed in throwing the BOB, Liz (having been left out of the plan and thinking she could be a target) won basically on her own, and Clay and Becky were stuck on the block. Shelli was pissed her toddler was in jeopardy and Becky realized she was dispensable pawn if it came down to it.

Clay won the POV and all seemed back on track again. Then Vanessa decided to spill all to Liz, and though she claims to not like Austin in "that way" she knows he has her back and doesn't want to lose that. Vanessa and Shelli realized the same thing, and decided to keep him. Before telling him that though, Vanessa let him sweat and collapse in fits of begging and despair. Austin then came out with the best line of the season so far: "It was an emotional decision I made based on fucking Liz!"

Vanessa then went through considering everyone as repl-noms, including Jackie (to whom she had promised safety), people were already safe from the BOB, members of production, herself, and the pool duck. She finally settled on Jason, which was what Austin and Liz wanted. Shelli and Clay really wanted Jackie. Vanessa then executed the first true blindside of the season. Jason went up when he and his allies were truly expecting Austin. Meg dissolved into tears, Jackie and James realized that all promises made by Vanessa and Clay/Shelli were crap, and that they were in trouble.

Jason did make an effort to stay. He knew he needed two votes, and he'd have to pull either Austin/Liz (doubtful), John/Steve, or Clay/Shelli. He thought Clay and Shelli were the best bet, and both Jason and Meg made pitches. The ironic thing is that it would have been best for Shelli and Clay to keep Jason (perhaps "secretly" and blame try to blame the votes on others) but their loyalty Vanessa stopped them. So poor Jason, who is in fact a SuperFan, got the boot.

In other news, Julie tortured Julia a bit, since last she knew Liz was on the block, but the twin twist finally played out. There was no shock of course, but now they're two. Julia still knows Austin's as sketchy as hell, but for now she's playing along with him and Liz.

In the best news ever, the BOB was ended and we finally got an endurance comp. James outlasted them all, with a last minute promise to Shelli that she and Clay were both safe if she dropped. Then, in the fine tradition of breaking end of end. comp promises, James put up Clay and Shelli. That has led to lots of fun fallout, but I'll save that for my next post.

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