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a jury of their peers

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posted Saturday, 13 September 2008

After a long, hard day of basically doing nothing, the boys went off to feed their cases to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury. We, of course, never get to hear the full questioning, and since for once BB decided to do production during ShowtimeTime (probably to avoid having to keep Jerry up past his bedtime), by the time they came back the questioning was well over and done with, as was most of the discussion of "what did so-and-so mean by that?"

cereal boxes cookie man
memphis sleepy
dan oh my

We did learn a few things from the post-questioning chatter. First, the jurors will be separately sequestered from now until the finale. I'm not sure if that's to keep them safe from each other, or to force them to make their own decisions. It does seem to give Memphis a bit more of a chance, since Dan had 2 people, Keesha and Michelle, who could possibly campaign for him, where the only one likely to try to campaign for Memphis was Jerry. And, I have to say, I loved the pink and blue shirts....

jury fallout
dan memphis

Let's "poll" the jury. And for those keeping score at home, the screencaps are all from week 1.

The Final 2: Dan and Memphis

F2 F2

Juror #1, Libra


She's been gone so long, it's hard to guess how she feels and what she'll do. She didn't have real animosity toward either Dan or Memphis; the HGs she really hated are all out there with her. Aprollie's had to the most time to get to her in the JH, but she doesn't really like them, and probably won't be swayed by them. She's a real fan of the show, and probably respects gameplay and strategy more than any thing else. I didn't hear anything from D/M about her questions, and they agreed she's a real toss-up.

Likely Vote: Up in the air My guess: Dan

Juror #2, April


Hardly worth talking about. She was targeting Memphis during the game, mostly "because of the car." But after Jessie-gate, she truly hated Dan. She's not one to respect smart game moves necessarily.

Likely Vote: Memphis

Juror #3, Michelle


She did feel totally betrayed by Dan. She had an early alliance with Memphis, and didn't blame him for Jessie. If she votes emotionally, she'll surely go for Memphis. But, like Libra, she's a fan of the show and might sit back and realize that Dan did play a better game. It's not clear if the trip helped. I think there's a good chance it did. And even more, I think it helped when Keesha walked in to the JH knowing about it. The fact that Dan told her, even at the last minute, makes him seem a little less snake-like. Both Keesha and Michelle recognize that Dan is working for their votes...but why not? Michelle also respects competition winning, and Dan wins on that score.

Likely Vote: Dan

Juror#4, Ollie


After 6 weeks of barely playing the game, he sure went out with a bang. The big question is will he be April's lapdog, or will he vote for himself. For the sake of argument, let's assume he'll vote for himself. Neither Dan nor Memphis could remember Ollie's questions. And Dan mumbled to the memory wall "I have to get one of you (Aprollie) and I never spoke to you." That makes it sound like he's not sure he's lost both, and he thinks they might split. For my part, I think it all depends on what Ollie meant with the line about "the biggest mistake I made was letting my heart get into the game." If he was talking about April, he could mean that he's now realized she's a big 'ho and was just using him. But, Michelle told Dan that Aprollie are still as close as ever in the JH. It's also possible that Ollie meant his mistake was expecting people to behave as they do in the real world, and not be playing a game. Each time Ollie got blindsided it was because he seemed to forget that at the end of the day everyone was playing for half a million dollars and they were going to do whatever it took to get themselves closer.

Likely Vote: Up in the air My guess: Memphis

Juror #5, Renny


She never quite trusted either Dan or Memphis, but she had more against Memphis. He was also the one that really orchestrated her exit. That plus any influence from Keesha, I think equals Dan. The boys said her question was something about what they had done for her in the game. I didn't hear how either answered, and neither really has a good answer.

Likely Vote: Dan

Juror #6, Keesha


She had an alliance with both boys, and feels more betrayed by Memphis. She probably suspects Dan was in on the KickKeesha plan, but even so, Memphis had the most to gain from it. And assuming Jerry told them all about his deal with Memphis, that ought to really cement her feelings. It sounds like her questioning did nothing to reveal Dan's full involvement in the KickKeesha plan, but she might have asked if he threw the F4 POV. He admitted he did, which on the one hand shows his alliance with Memphis, but on the other hand, takes a bit away from Memphis' 3 POV wins.

Likely Vote: Dan

Juror #7, Jerry


For a 75 year old man, he's proving just a bit naive. He totally bought all the Renegade-antics, from the 2 Memphis nom'ings to his own deal with Memphis and Memphis' claim that he was vetoing Dan only to ensure that Renny was kicked. And no matter what he says, he never got over Judas. And even though he suspects or knows they had planned to kick him at the end, he blames Dan more.

Likely Vote: Memphis

So, if my guesses are right or close, Dan wins 4-3. I'm the least confident in my guess on Michelle. Even the boys said they think she's the swing vote. Dan said he needs Renny or he's done, and as I mentioned, he said he needs one of Aprollie. To me that says he's not counting on at least one of Michelle/Libra.

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