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the boys of summer

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posted Friday, 12 September 2008

So the boys pulled it off....Renegades to the end...time to show their true colors.

wall true colors

My first comment on the show is that I cannot believe they showed Jerry in his underwear. They made him look like such a fool to begin with....falling off the plane in 10 minutes....taking 51 minutes to Memphis' 8 minutes to knockout the competition. And then showing how completely he was buying the frienemies act. The juxtaposition of the DRs with the boys saying Jerry must be fooled, and Jerry being so fooled was rather funny. And then to add insult to injury, they had to use Renny's denture comment in the final comp.


Jerry helped himself just a bit with the line about the water-logged brain from the dip in the pool being why he took so long. It has been pointed out that he always seems to have the right answer for Julie's questions...making you wonder if he has time to prep. Just one of those things that makes you go hmmm....

So, the Final HOH was just a fight to see who got to kick Jerry. I do think they were both trying, but they also knew they didn't have that much on the line. In the end it was Dan's game. And Memphis goes out with a "perfect" record of no HOH wins.

Dan comes out with a very nice line of "When I'm 75, I hope I will be as good a competitor as you've been...." Then both boys reuse the line in their goodbyes. Kind of like everyone stealing Angie's eviction speech of "vote for yourself." And Memphis' "true renegade" line almost made Dan crack up. But Memphis was just getting even for Dan almost making him laugh with his act on Tuesday.

Jerry walks out for his little chat with Julie...shaking his unwashed hands with a bunch of fans along the way. An audience member just over his shoulder almost cracks up when he says that maybe Dan and Memphis had a plan. He played the great-grandpa role, saying he hoped he'd made everyone proud. Apparently, in his old age, the nastiest things he's said have slipped his mind. He's sure he's going to be the swing vote on the jury. I'm not so convinced.

They pull out the Renegade red bandannas, and start to celebrate just a bit.

laughter r-colors

Lines of the Day

...this time with a few editorial comments of my own....

Dan: I've mentioned Ashley's name on live TV more times than you have.
Memphis: Ashley, what's up? I love you!
Dan: On TV. Not the Internet. No one cares about the Internet.
(me: <ahem> Really?)

memphis shower

Dan: We'll wait until later, we're supposed to talk about the top moments and stuff.


Dan: When did you know you could trust me?
Memphis: After that Judas thing, when I said something to her (Julie) about how it wasn't right and you were like "thanks man!"
(me: A better answer, would have been "Tonight!" Judas-gate was more when Dan could feel better about Memphis, not the other way around.)
Memphis: Brian was here for the sock puppets, right?
Dan: Yeah.
(me: Uh...not only was he there for it, Brian was the brains behind the sock puppets.)
Memphis: Uncle Sam always gets his money.

They're already mentally spending their money...and talking about merchandising and other such silliness. The DR has given them the scoop on the jury interrogation (tomorrow night, probably post-Showtime)--that it's opening arguments, questions, closing arguments. Any fallout from that is probably our last chance for drama.


They were instructed to reminisce (see Dan's line above), to set us up for Sunday. They got dinner, and we got fish and misprinted trivia...we're in the home stretch of the livefeeds now...if you want something more, check out the re-feeds. Or watch for spider kills....maybe even a Waldo sighting.

fishies mistrivia

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