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cross stalk

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posted Thursday, 11 September 2008

I realized weeks ago that I have developed an odd obsession with the cross, which I have named Waldo. First, I didn't agree with Dan's choice to take it off, but whatever. And then it started making little appearances and it turned into a bit of a stalking game (a là "Where's Waldo?"...thus the name).

So, Waldo popped up last night when Dan and Memphis made, in Memphis' words "the last handshake of the fucking game." Memph. said "let's swear on your cross." Dan pulled it out, they shook on it (literally), and he gave it to Memphis, saying "give it back to me on Thursday." Dan also said it was the last thing his grandfather ever gave him, so he really wants it back. That's a pretty strong show of faith (no pun intended) on Dan's part, but if Memphis decides to betray Dan...things could get ugly in those "few moments" Dan will have "to gather his belongings and leave the house."

shake waldo

Memphis was going to wear Waldo, but they didn't want Jerry to see it, so he tucked it away in his bag. The boys also agreed they'd just "play it out" in part III of the comp. Memphis has decided that Jerry's going to know M's been lying no matter what, so there's no point in throwing the comp. Dan says he just wants to be the one to kick Jerry "for everything he's done." We'll money's on Dan, even in a straight comp. Memphis has yet to even come close to winning an HOH...and look how far Dan had to throw the F4 POV to him.

Poor Jerry's had a bad day, starting out by vomiting in the backyard. BB checked him out, made sure his blood pressure was okay, etc. He'll live. They flew the flag for 9/11...and otherwise had a pretty quiet day. They should all have to pack today, though they're probably mostly packed already. Jerry and Memphis both had to pack on Tuesday, and Dan moved down from HOH. The new TV showed up in the livingroom....and we're all set.

poor jerry yawny hosed

the flag

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