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who is brian?

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posted Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Remember this guy?


But's official....Memphis won Part II of the final HOH. The feeds were blocked for several hours while the comp. played out. It seems it was some kind of "order the HGs" type of comp. (who won what which week)....Jerry said something about having the wrong number for Keesha or Libra or something. Apparently it took Jer-bear almost an hour to complete. It must have been a deal where each played to completion and the better time won, rather than a race. Otherwise, we would have an end to the fishies much sooner. So, with only one competition (well, two if you count the big money one) to go, the F3 give a nice pose of contemplating the memory for a version of this shot on Sunday's season recap show.

p2hoh memories

The boys had a quick celebration in the storage room, and seemed to confirm that Dan will take part III. Dan said "you took a bullet on Keesha, so I'll take this one for you." But it's still BB, so they could decide to really battle it out. Or, Dan could even decide he's got a better chance to beat Jerry and flip on his BFF.

F22B poor dan

Brian and Steven did a SuperPass chat...and were definitely the highlight of the night. In fact, this entry originally had a title referring to the events in the house....but I was quickly reminded that BB10 will most definitely go down in history as the season where some of the best people left first.

who R U?

Lines of the Day

Brian (about the jurors): Those people are a bunch of psychos.
Question: Who is the sexiest BB10 male contestant?
Brian: Isn't it obvious, isn't it Jessie?
Steven: It would be Jessie if he couldn't open his mouth.
Brian: Dude, I was joking...his head is like this big....
Brian (about April): She didn't come into the house with any dignity, how did she walk out with any?
Steven: Ollie inserted it into her?
Brian: And the worst part? That condom box never got tapped.
Brian (about Libra): She has the worst hair on planet Earth...sorry.
<female voice off camera>: Just so you guys know....there are tons and tons and tons of questions about your love lives.


Brian: I wasn't even there long enough to get an erection, so I wouldn't know.
Steven: And suck it bitches.

suck it

Steven (about Ollie): And for someone who is a minority to throw around those homophobic slurs...I hope all the fans give him the hardest time ever for it.
Brian: He doesn't deserve fans.
Brian: I was so disappointed by the behavior of certain people in the house. Like Jerry talking about 17 year old Asian hookers.
Steven: He's a disgrace to 75 year olds...he's a disgrace to the Marines.
Brian: Yeah. And the Marines? Just for the record, he was in Korea for 4 years....typing. Just typing.
Brian (about Keesha's goodbye message to him): Yeah, I'm arrogant, but how do you know? I didn't even talk to you.
Steven: When Dan came at me with questions, they weren't like stupid questions. He had real thought out questions about what it is to be a gay man.
<off camera>: Someone just asked you to take your shirt off.
Brian: Who? Steven?
<off camera>: Both of you.
Brian: Yeah, I'm not taking my shirt off.
Steven: Ah, we'd have to fix the microphones, it's not worth it, trust me.....I might take my pants off.
Steven (about fans who won't approach him): Just after being in the house, when anytime someone whispered you get really paranoid...just come up and say something.
Brian: The problem was Ollie liked sex better than $500,000.
Steven: That makes [April] an expensive hooker.
Question: How do you think Dan's game play compares to Dr. Will's?
Brian: Totally different game play. Dan played really smart, convincing people he was weak at the beginning. I mean, Will did that too by not winning challenges. But Will played by manipulating other people into doing what he wanted, Dan played smart himself.
Question: What did you think of Jerry falling in the pool?
Brian: What an idiot. A blind man would have known where the pool is after that many days in the house. It's not like it moves around or anything.
Steven: And what about Dan and Memphis? They were so nice. Dan's like "man, Jerry are you okay?" helping him out of the pool. And Memphis is just looking off, not laughing. We would have been laughing our asses off.Brian: Yeah, we're at home watching like ha-ha, moron! Jerry says "my hip hurts a little." Yeah, it would dude. You fell in the damn pool!
Question: What would you do if Jerry made it into the final 2?
Steven: Throw up.
Brian: Yeah, vomit.
Steven: At the wrap party, when I see Jerry I will not speak to him, I will just turn and walk away.
Question: Steven and Brian have so much chemistry, are they dating?
Brian: Each other? No. I am not gay...and I know I am not Steven's type...b/c he likes foreskin and I don't have any.


Question: Who are you hoping wins the game?
Both (no hesitation): Dan.
Steven: When Renny answered that one question all Jeopardy-style "uh, who is Brian?" that was fantastic. And now it's like a joke. Everywhere we go, if someone doesn't know who he is we're just like....
Brian: Who is Brian?

And then we come back to the "excitement" of the livefeeds:

Jerry: That's better than boiling it. Fryin' it. Tastes better too.
(Uh, Jer? In what other way would it be better?)


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