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tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies

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posted Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Just when I thought the delusions of BB10 were over, Keesha gets completely snowed by Dan the Man, and walks out as the 2nd most deluded HG of the season (Jessie being the most deluded). But at least her delusions were kind of cute. And, man, Dan won that vote. He stole Keesha right out from under Memphis' thumb, and with Memphis' blessing. If there was any doubt, Keesha's eviction speech of "I have nothing to say to Memphis, just thanks to Dan" cleared that up. And then their goodbye messages just sealed the deal. Memphis did nothing to regain her trust...he could have mentioned that Dan was in on the plan...and Dan just sweet-talked her a little more.

And Jerry wins the Line of the Show award for "the joy of agony."

So Keesha goes off the jury house with her "hot" duck and Michelle-confession from Dan. If he really did charm Michelle as well as he thinks (and as well as it seemed in the footage), he's in a great spot right now. It's always possible that Michelle wasn't impressed, and that when Keesha gets to the JH Renny will get her on the HateDan Plan. It's also possible that Aprollie will have some influence on the rest of them. Who knows? Look forward to some very interesting jury Q & A coming up.

The final 3 march out to go wing-walking with Dan/Memphis still in full-on JerryCon mode. Dan's yelling "I can't believe you did that. If you think I'm taking you to the end now, you're crazy." And Memphis is just staring at his shoes. The planes looked relatively easy to stand on, especially with the ropes to grip. It certainly seemed Jerry could last at least as long as he did on the vines or the earthquake wall.

fly boys
dansky memphis sky

But no, by the time the feeds come back at 6:08 BBT, Jerry is already sitting on the ground looking unhappy. His plane had a broken propeller, and at first I thought maybe we'd had another equipment failure like BB8 Daniele's bunny-stall. But no, Jerry broke it when he fell.

poor jerbear
prop jerry's so down

In between talking about motion sickness, Dan tells Memphis he's in it to win it, etc. etc. Jerry won't budge from his seat down below, so the boys have no chance to talk. But they'd previously worked out codes for if one of them was in trouble (assuming Jerry was still in), and I think they'd agreed that Memphis would give it to Dan if he could. At about 6:45 BBT, Memphis fell, probably on purpose. BB then dumped Dan. And thus ended the most boring endurance comp. in BB history.

memphis down tipping dan

It was even worse than the aborted BB7 volcano comp. At least after that one, the F3 talked to each other. They had Will's "surprise" eviction and Boogie's distress as fodder...and they weren't as dull as dirt. These 3 are. Barely a word was spoken for the rest of the night. Jerry made sneeze burgers (seriously, he sneezed all over them) for himself and Memphis (he offered one to Dan, who declined). They ate and laid around. Later Dan played with a toy airplane and Jerry picked his nose. That seriously was the drama of the night.

toys and their boys nosey

Memphis and Dan had a quick check-in while Jerry was in the DR. They confirmed that they're still frienemies to the end...they'll not talk to each other and try to get Jerry to throw part II to Memphis (although they know Memphis will probably beat him no matter what). If Jerry really is buying Dan's HateMemphis act, he may think he's golden to the end. He definitely seems to be buying Memphis' act, after Dan's repeat nom'ing and the KickKeesha plan going through.

conspiracy perpetual naptime

Part II will be played Wednesday, and I'll be quite surprised if Memphis doesn't win. The boys' plan is for Dan to take Part III, so Memphis doesn't have to "betray" Jerry. It's a great deal for Dan, who wouldn't have Jerry's vote to begin no loss like Memphis had with kicking Keesha.

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