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jury tampering

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posted Monday, 8 September 2008

So Dan went off and had his little ex parte communication with Juror #3, Michelle.  He came back into the house still keeping the meeting secret, so it's hard to tell how it went.  He did bring back sand and rocks (seriously) as gifts for the rest of them.  And he had lots of stories of billboards and such that he claims to have seen.


When BB brought out the camera and computer to wrap up Dan's HOH, they figured out that the eviction would be on Tuesday.  It took a while, but it finally dawned on Keesha that the veto meeting would also be live. She kept asking for reassurance from the boys that she was safe, and at first they were giving it to her, keeping her all smiles and maintaining a very solid HateJerry alliance.


But right around the time they noticed that they were on a 24hour lockdown for BB to build the endurance comp. set, she started to get more and more nervous that Memphis is going to evict her. As I predicted at the time of the last end. comp., they've all realized that Jerry is just not going to hold up as long as the rest of them when it comes to the final HOH.  And he's been complaining of a sore neck for the last few days. It might be a bit of an act to make himself seem weak, but I don't know why he'd bother--they already think he's weak.


Memph/Dan conspired on a plan to get Jerry's gold bars away from him, and eventually Memphis approached Jerry and asked for them as "collateral."  It's not clear if either of them knows what that word means.  If they truly were collateral, presumably they'd be returned to Jerry providing he didn't break the deal.  Since Memphis is the one likely to do the deal breaking, Jerry wouldn't have to worry about losing the $4K for nothing.  But Jerry wasn't budging off the bars, saying the money was for his kids/grandkids and he wasn't giving it up....which if you think about it, is a little odd.  If he makes it to the finals, he's getting at least $50K, so why not give up the 4?  He probably should have counter-offered to Memphis that if the two of them get to the finals, whoever gets 2nd place gets the gold.

going for the gold

Despite the no-deal from Jerry, Memphis is still kicking Keesha (Jerry is probably pretty confident that he's staying no matter what, thus the no-deal).  Memphis finally decided to break the bad news to Keesha.  I didn't hear exactly what he said to her, but it seems he didn't let on that Dan's fully aware of the plan.  Because once Keesha broke down, Dan swooped right in to comfort her and tell her that if it was up to him, she'd be staying.  Memphis knows all about this, and it seems he's going along with it as a further "cast suspicion off the alliance" play.


why me?  bed buds

But Dan is doing everything he can to keep Keesha close.  He even got her to sleep with him...with a pillow wall to protect his virtue, of course.

cuddle up

The problem for Memphis is that if he's not careful, he might end up throwing away too many jury votes.  It may be in his best interests at this point to not win the final HOH, maybe not even win part one or two. Either Dan or Jerry is likely to take Memphis, and by not having to be the one to kick the other one, he protects that jury vote.  The other problem with the Kick Keesha plan is the risk the boys are taking that Jerry might somehow slip through to the end.  If one of them ends up flipping on the other and choosing Jerry, well, that's their call.  But if Jerry manages to win the final HOH and think they'll both be far more upset than they would be if the same thing were to happen with Keesha.  If Jerry ends up in the money....ugh. 

tea and sympathy memphis

toothbrush jerry

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....

what a web

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