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posted Sunday, 7 September 2008

This morning, as Dan and Keesha were getting ready in the bathroom, out of the blue we get:

stop what?

BB: Dan, stop that!
Dan: What? What am I doing? Hitting myself in the head?
BB: Dan, stop that!
Dan: Stop what? Is my microphone okay?
Keesha: Yeah, it's fine.
BB: Dan, I said, STOP THAT!
Dan: WHAT?!  Stop what?
BB: Thank you.
Dan: What the heck?
Keesha: I think they're just messing with you.
BB: Yes.
Keesha: They must be bored.  Like us.

And like us.  We have seriously entered the lay around and do nothing phase of the game.  They did play the veto comp. late Friday night.  Memphis won.  So Dan/Memphis are guaranteed F3.  And it's made them just a bit cocky.  They're already planning their victory celebrations. The big decision at this point is whether to take Jerry or Keesha along to F3. They're starting to think that Jerry will be easier to beat in the final HOH.  To a certain extent, they're probably right.  Jerry is unlikely to do well in endurance, the second comp. is usually also physical+memory, and if by some miracle Jerry did make it to part 3, they boys would still likely beat him there.  On the other hand, Keesha hasn't shown herself to be exactly a fierce competitor either. Chances are that Memphis and Dan will be our final 2 no matter what. The other problem with kicking Keesha now is that it gives Memphis a jury house problem.  If he kicks her, he's the one that betrayed her, not Dan. Dan showed a certain amount of good faith by not nominating Keesha this week, and when Memphis vetoes himself, it will be a matter of no choice.  But if Memphis evicts her, that is his choice.  In that sense, it's better for Dan to have Keesha go now. And Memphis is probably better off with Jerry as the 3rd of F3.  If Jerry does win the final HOH, he will surely kick Dan.  But if Keesha stays and manages to win, there's a chance she'd kick Memphis.

No matter what happens, from here on out the livefeeds are not looking too exciting.  It's all about the nap at this point. 

jernap memphnap keenap

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