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gorilla warfare

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posted Friday, 5 September 2008

The HGs received a special wakeup call on Friday morning finding a gorilla jumping on the beds. Memphis said he first thought it was Dan. It does seem like something Dan would do. But in fact he was there to lead them through the luxury comp.

monkey on the bed

Out in the backyard they found a number of clues and had to guess a phrase. Unlike the coup d'etat on BB7, rather than reveal only relevant clues over a few days, BB gave them extraneous clues and gradually pared them down to just two.

berry hatching-IT

The HGs could make up to 3 guesses. Jerry blew all 3 early. It seems Dan called in the correct one first. He later told the rest of them that he was getting a day at a "private beach" and had the option to bring one of them along, but chose not to so as not to create animosity. At that point I started to wonder if the "change the game" aspect of the luxury was that whoever went wouldn't get to play in the POV. But word on the street is that he got to choose a jury member, and chose Michelle. Alone in HOH, Dan commented "let's see if I can get Michelle's vote." This all fits with the "chance to change the game" part of the comp. And isn't it just a bit ironic that after all Dan's work with Michelle on her accent/pronunciation we end up with a question of how one pronounces the word "bury" (does it rhyme with "furry" or "hairy")? So Dan and Michelle are off to attempt to "bury the hatchet." Of course, if he tells her about the comp. the thing she'll be the most excited about is that the gorilla was played by Jessie.


Later on, Dan nominates Jerry and Memphis. They're expecting another late night POV. And once we have a winner there, we'll get into the real game play for the week.

samauri dan

memphis jerry

dan keesha

And in other news...they got the little table.


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