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sumo-thing is up

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posted Thursday, 4 September 2008

Poor Renny is kicked and before Keesha can even put on her tribute glasses, they're all back in the house wondering what the heck is up with the sumo wrestler sitting in the livingroom.

who-wha? keesha

They figure out (through the advanced skill of literacy) that there is a luxury comp. and that someone will have a chance to leave the hosue and "change the game." Memphis and Dan, in their insanity, decide that it's a trip to Japan (as if!!). Whatever it is--they're all wondering.

dan and keesha memphis

Dan is no longer under the "cut out the antics" edict from Memphis, so he has a bit of fun, stalking Keesha outside of the DR.


Dan gets his HOH room (the last one for anyone this season, most likely). It's a small crew these days, but they're all pretty friendly. For the moment, everyone is all smiles....stuffed animals make everything better.

keesh hoh

The paranoia is actually at an all time low. They all know it doesn't matter who goes up. Once again, it's all about the POV. The only thing that's for sure is that Danny-Boy is in the final 3! And at this point, he's wondering why he still has to listen to Jer-bear.

keesh3 memph
owwww jerbear

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