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Happy Birthday, Dan

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posted Monday, 1 September 2008

I didn't give any of the rest of them a title b-day greeting, but, hey. It's getting to be that time of the season when things get dull. Besides, I like him more.

b-day boy

BB seems to have given up on the recycled party decorations and insultingly lame gifts, but they did provide cake mix. Dan requested a football decoration theme with his name written in red M&Ms. Renny obliged, reminding us that it's a good thing she's still in there. They got their daily ration of alcohol and everyone indulged, including Dan. For once he didn't try to pass it off as apple juice.

bake a cake toast

It seems it was enough booze to make things slightly more lively. Jerry and Renny got into some kind of a fight, and he ended up telling her to "go home, girl." I'm not sure which part offended her more. But it set her off on a Jerry-rant for most of the night. To the point where she didn't even really stop trashing him when he entered the room.

go home no

Eventually Jerry was sufficiently ignored and went off to bed. The rest of them got into a full contact pillow war. It was pretty funny, and would have been completely entertaining if it weren't for the soundtrack of Keesha shrieking the whole time.

poor jerry

fight! keesha

drunk dan

They've got the veto meeting in a bit, and there might be some drama following that. But I wouldn't really count on it. Everyone pretty much knows what's going to happen. Jerry seems the most in denial, but he can't really afford to blow up too much. After last night's show it seems like Memphis' true allegiance is to Dan. Well, Memphis' only true allegiance is to Memphis, but he probably figures Dan is his best chance of winning the whole thing. And he's got all his other bases covered too.

drunk memphis

Otherwise, Jerry was the star of Sunday's show. He basically won HOH on a lucky bounce of Dan's ball rolling 11 slots off his target. Then the feature of Jerry's Boring Stories. At least I now know what they were talking about with the story about the woods. I'm sure the editing made it look even more long, boring and convoluted than it really was. But still. And finally, the funniest/creepiest moment of the night was Jerry's bizarre rendition of Keesha's laugh.


Line of the Day (so far):

Memphis (about an hour after wake-up with no sign of Jerry): Jerry? Any confirmation that he is still with us?
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