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all cracked up

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posted Monday, 24 March 2008

Just a quick note tonight, as there is nuttin' going on in the house.  Chelsia and, oh yeah, Sharon, are still nommed, and Chelsia's still about 99% to be kicked on Wednesday.  Everyone seems so sure of this that there's pretty much no campaigning....especially from Sharon.

no camp

The Fearsome Foursome hid some extra wine for Chels last night, and she took full advantage of it.  She got smashed and smashed the Easter eggs they all spent so long making all purdy.  I missed the whole thing, but from what I've read, no one in the house got too broken up over it.  Personally, I would have been pissed if I were in there...I was a little sad for them as it was.  The only eggs in evidence today were scrambled.


For the last couple nights we've seen (and heard) evidence that there is a lot going on with James/Chelsia.  The camera hopping off has cut down a bit, though they still get more privacy than anyone in BB history.  Today, Josh said to Sharon "can you believe they had sex with us right there in the next bed?"  Sharon just went back to playing with her blue thing and reading her "Precious Moments" Bible.

up in the air

At some point in all the craziness, Josh came up with the theory that Matt is Sheila's son.  Sheila has said a few things that he using as "evidence"  but, come on.  Pair-a-paranoia.  Remember when he thought James and Chelsia were brother and sister?  Don't look at the last picture after thinking about that one....

she-mom    josh-who-a

In other news, they played barbershop, had vacation bible school, played chess, talked trash and swapped stories. 


barbershop    cutie nattie

chasing bobby fischer

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