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crazy 8s and march madness

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posted Sunday, 23 March 2008

Weird oops on the feeds today.  For a while we had test patterns and NCAA press conferences on F3?

testp    press conf

For once, the Sunday show was "not so bad, doc" (©Chicken George, BB7).  They overplayed Natalie's "I miss Matty" just a little bit, but I'm glad they showed her saying this wasn't going to break her, just make her stronger.  And, though it's true that he wouldn't come back for another hug and sort of pushed her away, he did give her a decent goodbye hug/kiss (just friendly, but still).

The guinea pig segment was too funny.  First place, Sharon is amazingly annoying with the screeching "BEEEBEEIES" and "firenze" (or furr-ends as BB closed-captioned it).  (And why does she always have that blue thing on?!)  Josh in the DR with the "gun" to his head was a riot.  But George and Skippy in the DR saying "Sharon has to go on the block!  Furr-ends my tail!" was priceless.  I laughed so hard, I think I missed the next segment.


The luxury comp. all makes sense now, but whatever, that's old news.  So are the noms.  They also overplayed the Sheila/Adam fighting/she might go up thing.  That lasted for maybe a couple hours, and then he told her straight up that he wasn't going to nom her but she should still act scared.

And the crazy 8s segment was pretty funny.  I'm pretty sure that Natalie is reading a bit to much into things, but the fact that she was able to come up with Evel Dick is 8 letters, he's from BB8 and it's week he's coming back...either she is on to something, or that's just freaky.  BB seems to be trying giving her a kinder edit than the first few weeks.


Back in the house, they had the veto ceremony, James vetoed himself and Sharon is the "pawn."  I'm curious what Adam said, if he presented her as a pawn or not.  Everyone, including James/Chelsia seems to be accepting that she's going.  BB will probably light a fire under them to get them to do some campaigning over the next few days.  But today, they seem to just be letting them enjoy Easter.

chelsia    sharon

They got Easter baskets and egg dye kits, and they're having a pretty nice time.  Though every time Natalie leaves the room the rest of them start trashing her, calling her selfish and greedy, etc. etc. 

easter1    easter2    easter3    easter4

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