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it's a gamble

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posted Saturday, 22 March 2008

They got some alcohol last night, and Chelsia (with the support or at least knowledge of Joshuah, James, Sharon and Sheila) squirreled some of it away to keep it from Natalie.  Apparently someone should have kept it away for Chelsia.  After a few glasses of wine she went off on another anti-Nat-rant.  Once again pulling out the bottle of ketchup and threatening to befoul something. She had the idea of using one of her own shirts, figuring she was allowed to damage her own property.  No one has mentioned mustard-gate from BB8 any time these condiment ideas have come up.  But there was more screaming and judging and personal attacks, much the the horror of Sheila, who suggested Natalie go complain the DR.  Josh, on the other hand, figured this is what he's been praying for.

ketchup wha-at? horrors

josh prays

Nattie didn't have to complain, but it seems the DR told Chelsia to knock off the personal attacks all the same.  She curled up with James and things got interesting enough that eventually the camera turned away.  Later on, Chelsia ended up outside, alone, looking kind of sad.

cuddly   sadness

Today they did a round of bikini time, and the whole time Natalie was telling anyone who would listen what a bad person Chelsia is for judging her (Nat).  Natalie admits having done things wrong in her life, but she's repented, so she's all good with God now.  She says she may have been a stripper, but she quit.  And besides, isn't it worse to sleep with random guys.  She says that she can count on one hand the people she's been with, and Chelsia, who btw is 7 years younger than Nat can't say the same.  (No jokes about Natalie's counting skills.)  It's a little pot/kettle-y as far as judging Chelsia while saying Chels shouldn't judge Nat, but otherwise, she's got a few points there.  And if Chelisa's attack last night was meant to help her in some way, that gamble backfired, b/c now Nat's back on the kick-Chelsia-kick.

        bikini2  bikini1 bikini3

The lux. comp. winners (Josh/Sheila/Chelsia/Sharon) got to watch their movie today (it was "21," thus the gambling theme of the comp. etc.).  They sounded like they genuinely enjoyed it, so all the raves we'll hear in the DR on Tuesday (probably) will be for real.  Chelsia got the lucky popcorn bucket or something and won a Vegas trip (sounds like what they were alluding to after the comp.) worth $21K.  She later tried to use it to bribe Adam somehow, but the DR put a stop to that (when will they learn?  No sharing of prizes.  Banana bread now, that's a different story.)  But the rest of them are saying this just seals her fate...she's not leaving empty handed.

In other news, they got the mid-size table this week. That's the real sign that we're halfway done with this madness.


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