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green-eyed monster

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posted Friday, 21 March 2008

James won the veto (more on that in a minute), and Chelsia is telling Natalie that it's fine--she'll go to sequester and f*ck Matty.  So, suddenly Nattie's off the kick-Chelsia-kick, and arguing for kick-Joshuah.  She can't very well send Sharon...Matt might kiss her.

I'll do Matt    ole green eyes

Evel Dick was in the house a little after 7AM BBT.  Apparently he did a pot banging wake-up, starting right over Joshuah's head.  Then the POV was croquet + drinking gross stuff (I forgot that from last year).  James apparently inhaled so much of the concoctions that he was throwing up all over the house.  A lot of them spent the better part of the afternoon talking about how much Dick liked them, and hated everyone else.  Whatever.

another pov joshy

James is going to take himself down, so Joshuah's stressing a bit about being the repl-nom.  He and Sharon had a quick talk about how she'd be safer, and she scooted up to HOH and volunteered to be the "pawn."  At the same time the Fearsome Foursome is pushing for Sheila as the repl-nom.  But since Adam isn't brain-dead he's not even considering that.  He and Sheila did have a chat about "pretending" to hate each other, etc.  Like most of what Sheila says, this is starting to sound like a broken record.  The FF barely fell for it before nom's there's no way they're going to fall for it now.

chels josh sharon the pawn

But no sooner does it seem like a done deal to "pawn" Sharon, kick-Chelsia, than Natalie jumps in with her own plan.  I'm actually all for kick-Sharon, just to get rid of her screeching at the guinea pigs.  Last night she did it and I almost jumped out of my chair--it's worse than the flame music.  Also, yesterday she spent about an hour filing her nails, and with the audio feed-bleed you could hear it everywhere. But Natalie has some bizarre theory that Joshuah+Sharon are stronger than James+Chelsia.  Are you kidding me?  She also thinks that if Josh goes, Sharon will come over to other side.  Yeah...right....

jamesia    screech

There were quite a few great lines today, so I'm going to have to go with the highlights of the last few minutes as I've been typing this up.

Natalie: "It's so much easier to watch this game than to play it."

And while Natalie is going through some Jedi drilling (she actually does have the house pretty amazingly memorized, right down to the titles of the books on the HOH floor wallpaper)....

Ryan: "87 condoms in the bathroom"
Natalie: "87 condoms?  Okay.  8 lamps, 5 rugs...."
Ryan: "I'm kidding."
Natalie: "Oh.  Okay."

nat explains it all ryan explains it all 

Can't you just hear Julie?  "Houseguests, how many condoms are in the bathroom?" 


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