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all the little birdies talking in your ear

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posted Wednesday, 19 March 2008

As expected, King James got his final moment of power.  He orchestrated a 3-3 vote so he could evict Matty himself.

king james

But oh my how quickly the high and mighty fall.  First, Julie called him out on his lies again.  Amazing that they give him such a kind edit, but then have Julie slam him.  And Natalie got to say how she felt too.  Matt had a decent interview with Julie (he did better than James in that he managed not to swear).  He was honestly sad to go, and he was kind yet honest about how he felt about Natalie.  And he sounded actually a little touched when she said she still thought he might be her soulmate.

The Dick and Daniele catch-up was, well, whatever.  For the TV-only viewers it was maybe news, but to anyone who has even a passing acquaintance with the online BB world, >yawn<.  It could be fun have Evel Dick hosting the veto comp, though.  A wake up call?  Hmm.... For some reason banging pots and pans comes to mind....

It's a little odd that they're having a guest host with 8 HGs left....usually the guest host comes in when they're down to six and everyone is playing POV.  Also, that's usually the morphomatic comp. (which is done when it's dark out...fitting the wake up call suggestion).  I'd guess Nattie has the morphomatic pretty much wrapped, being artist having painted nailpolish portraits of all of them. And tonight she's even sitting in front of the memory wall, missing Matt.

poor nattie    poor matty

mem wall

And I wanted Sheila or Nat to win HOH, but mostly I just wanted not the Fearsome Foursome.  I can't believe Natalie didn't get Matt with "kid with pink hair."  But whatever.  When it came down to it, I was much happier with Adam than Chelsia.  And I have to say, Adam's logic skills impressed me.  I was trying to figure out how he came up with Amanda, and just before the liveshow cut out I heard him explaining that once Julie said "female" he looked at the list of names and realized that Allison and Jen had already been answers, so Amanda was the only girl left.

king adam

Adam's saying he doesn't want to do this (make noms).  And I believe him.  He didn't need to win HOH...but he needed his side to win.  Of course no one knows what Adam will do (other than walk around with his hand down his pants). So now everyone is all over Adam, trying to figure out what he's going to do, trying to influence him.  Right after the comp, James went and sulked for a few minutes.  Adam came in and said he would need James's "help with this HOH."  Adam is a little buddy-buddy with "Jimmy," so James may be safe this week.  Next in his ear was Josh (who was the one who came up with the birdies quote).  Then Chelsia went to Natalie and came up with some bullshit story about "changing" her vote b/c she thought Sheila was smirking at her.  Whatever.  Nattie didn't buy it.  She did say she trusted Chelsia more than the rest of the Fearsome Foursome.  Sharon went to Sheila and tried to explain away Josh's behavior.


In bed hopping news, after everyone going on and on about how Matty and Nattie shouldn't be sharing a bed, the other couples are feeling pressure to split up.  No one will go near the cursed bed, Ryan's probably going to leave the floor for Adam's bed.  So Josh suggests some "wife swapping."  He'll sleep with Chelsia, and James can sleep with Sharon.  Chelsia and James try to play it off as NBD, but neither really wants to do it.  We'll see where everyone actually curls up tonight.

In a closing lie, James says he's upset that the vote went 3-3 and "left the blood on [his] hands."  Without missing a beat, Sheila asks "isn't that what you wanted?!"  Uh, yeah it was.  Careful what you wish for Jamesy.  

big she

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