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chelsia the spy

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posted Tuesday, 18 March 2008

James sent Chelsia on a mission:  pretend they're fighting b/c she's voting to keep Matt...confuse them all.  He seems to want a 3-3 tie tomorrow, so he can vote out whomever he wants.  Call it All About James Week--HOH, POV, deciding vote.  Of course, he couldn't do it without his posse.

c the spy

It's still most likely that it's Kick-Matt tomorrow.  But, as always, we'll know when we know.  The nominees put on matching outfits for their last night on the block.


Josh went on another hissy fit, trying to psych out Sheila.  I didn't catch what he actually said, but it was enough to upset Sheila and Natalie. 


And with his mission accomplished, Josh goes outside to his "drama free zone" to play with himself. 


So the Fearsome Foursome, Operation Psych-Out is working all around.  Natalie is convinced Matty has the votes to stay.  He's a little less confident, but he's sort of buying it.  Ryan's nervous, even though he's probably staying.  Josh has a lot of them running scared.

LotD goes to Natalie.  While asking BB for a Yellowcard song for wakeup tomorrow she says "Please God--I mean Big Brother, you're not God."  Nattie's also convinced that she's had a premonition about tomorrow's HOH.  I don't quite believe that, but maybe not-God is listening and she'll get an HOH she can win.  I'd really love to see her, or Sheila, win.  I can't take another week of the FF being so totally full of themselves.

st. natalie

Sorry for the sparse entry today.  There should be more to say tomorrow.  As for the show, I'm barely wanting to watch the Sunday/Tuesday shows anymore, much less comment on them.  The still left out the no backdooring part of the deal, they left out James coming right out and promising Ryan to veto his nom.  They did have James in the DR wearing Chelsia's robe, but they're not showing much of them on the feeds, much less on the show.  And they still haven't shown the pickle attack.  At least the Bible Buddies bit is still funny. 

And...p.s....a lot of people around the 'net have asked this, and I have to join in....What is with Sharon and touching/smelling/playing with her blue blankie/shawl thingie?  Seriously!  What is up with that?


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