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I have a theory

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posted Monday, 17 March 2008

Before my theory on why Matt will be kicked....but first, the Sunday show.

They left out the "no back-dooring" part of the Nat/James deal.  They did show the comment Matt made about "Nattie was like Jesus Christ up there, dying for Matty."  They didn't show quite how sick Natalie was when she came off the disco ball.  And they still didn't show the pickle throwing.  (We're due a foul count this's coming soon.) They almost redeemed themselves with the Bible Buddies bit, but creative editing turned "Jacob married 2 bitches in one week" into "Jacob married two girls..."  Though, I have to admit, I laughed out loud at Adam:  "There are a lot of references to the Bible...David and Goliath...."  Matt:  "And Easter."  Really, Matt?  Easter's in the Bible?

bible boy

I say it's about 90% that Matty's going.  The Fearsome Foursome are still against him, and even messing with him by trying to make him think he has votes he doesn't have.  And it just goes to show how little any of them are paying attention that no one has picked up on the Ryan/Josh alliance.  If you think about it, it's so obvious...why didn't Ryan want to put up Josh last week?  And why has Josh convincd James that Matt is more to blame for James's eviction than Ryan is?


james ry-guy

And now, my theory.  It would seem that the prods (actually the Big Cheese, Allison Grodner) came over the intercom the other day to explain to them what words they could and could not use.  After that most of them were editing themselves quite a bit, restating "fuck" as "fudge" and such.  At one point Sheila mentioned that Chelsia is such a "potty mouth" that she's probably costing CBS "thousands of dollars."   That's when it finally clicked for me. Before the repl-nom James made a veiled comment about the DR wanting him to nom Matt.  During the liveshow where the de-coupling was announced Matt's f-bomb triggered guinea pigs.  I personally didn't hear the "bad words" on the show, but maybe CBS got fined or came close.  And that's my theory on why they want him gone.  And I'm stickin' to it.

she p-mouth?

As far as the house goes, Matty is totally throwing Nattie under the proverbial bus any chance he gets, thinking that will help him with the others.  Meanwhile she's campaigning hard-core for him, and praying even harder.  Suspense is building, but in the end I'm pretty sure Matty will spend his b-day in sequester.  Good news (at least for Natalie) is that if Nattie doesn't win HOH, she'll probably be there to keep him company.

prayer girl

In other news, the halfway party happened.   They got to eat their own faces.  Whoo-hoo.  Or whatever.




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