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liar, liar, pants on fire

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posted Sunday, 16 March 2008

I'd have a lot more respect for James if he wasn't running around with his holier than thou attitude, talking about people lying and "backdooring" and so forth, when he turns around and does the exact same thing.  As per the latest plan, he vetoed Sheila and nom'ed Matt.


safe    not-so safe

What a difference a veto ceremony makes.  Before Natalie was all smiles, and after she was all tears.  Matt was pretty teary himself.  He kept telling Nattie he wanted to be alone.  He did accept a hug from her, but then he was off to the campaign trail. 


boys don't crybut real men do

Despite all the bible reading, I don't think Matty has a prayer.  The Fearsome Foursome want him gone.  And Josh and Ryan's secret alliance just reinforces Ryan's safety.  Floaters Adam and Sheila are going to float right over the FF, so Matt will be left with just Nat's vote.  Unless something changes. And it is BB, so you never know.

 josh    shar    she    alliance


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