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you keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means

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posted Saturday, 15 March 2008

Much of BB is all about lying, twisting words, half truths and other not quite right things.  But it really bugs me when people are just wrong.

For a while I was getting ticked at James being "so sure" that the mystery HG was Jen.  He claimed, or insinuated, that he saw her or was told or whatever.  But he eventually admitted that he was just saying that to mess with Ryan.  Okay, I can respect that.  But then he kept saying he wasn't going to backdoor anyone b/c he didn't appreciated being b-d'ed himself.  Newsflash, James.  When it wasn't the plan, it's not a backdoor.  The meaning of backdooring is to accomplish something in a roundabout way that you can't accomplish straightforwardly ("getting in through the back door what you can't get in through the front door").  So, when a nominee vetoes their own nom. (or an ally does it for them) the HOH has to pick a replacement.  If the whole plan was to veto a nom and put up a replacement to ensure that the second person doesn't have a chance at POV, that's a backdoor.

the thinker

So, they played the veto yesterday.  After hints from the DR, they weren't surprised that it was a guinea pig themed comp.  The night before a few of them stared intently at George and Skippy's cage, but I'm not sure it helped. 

pov    study hall

I haven't caught a lot of details, but the end result is that James won.  You'd think Mr. No-Backdoor would leave noms (his noms no less) the same.  Though he's claimed that's the plan to some of them, he's also told the Fearsome Foursome that he's going to change things.  First plan was to veto Ryan and put up Adam.  Now the plan is to veto Sheila and put up Matt.  James remembers his deal with Natalie as not including no b-d'ing (that's not how I remember it, but we'll have to "check the tapes").  He's told about 4 different stories, so it's hard to tell what's true, but at the moment it does sound like Ryan v. Matty.

james  chelsia

joshuah  sharon  

They all think Matty leaving will "destroy" Natalie.  I'm hoping it puts her on the warpath.  If Matt does leave on Wednesday, her only hope of not leaving the next week is to win HOH.  Which would be awesome. There was a great moment tonight when Matt and Adam were whining that there's nothing to do.  Natalie came out and Matt said if she could come up with something other than talking game, reading the Bible, playing chess or pool, he'd do it.  Within moments she came up with 3 or 4 suggestions.  Matt and Adam both pooh-poohed them all and went off to nap/read.  At least they've "found God."  Natalie went off to paint a self-portrait when no one would pose for her.  She's definitely the most upbeat, entertaining one in there.  And she can paint amazingly well with nothing but nailpolish.

matt's bored    nattie's got plans

the model    the art    the artist

And Matt did me a favor by giving me a line that fits right in with the theme of what words mean.  It's only funny b/c of his Boston accent, but still.

Matt: "A 'ruff' is a dog bah-king, a 'roof' is what's on a house." 


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