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piggyback epiphany

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posted Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sheila woke up this morning suddenly enlightened...and felt the need to pontificate on the subject.  She says that all her life she's "piggybacked" on other people...getting by on her looks...having someone else take care of her.  Her BB-epiphany is that she was counting on others to protect her in the game (specifically Natalie last night), and she can't do that...needs to play for herself.  Huh?  She's just figuring this out?  Anyway, she makes the rounds to tell everyone this, and Josh listens in on her session with Ryan (I have no idea why he bothered eavesdropping on that convo.  esp. since Sheila repeats herself so much).

sheila ponders josh listens in


No food comp (I'm pretty sure they never have a food comp after endurance).  Nominations were not news: Ryan and Sheila.  Ryan made a half-hearted attempt to save himself, but James reiterated his no-backdoor stance.  I'm wondering if James defines any repl-nom as a "backdoor" or only if the repl-nom was the target all along.  But the "magic ping pong" rules of POV make a planned backdoor harder to pull off.

james points

she nomedhe nomed

So, whatever.  BB still seems to be having audio problems, first we had the audio mix up during the live show where we kept hearing inside when we were supposed to be hearing outside.  Last night for a long time there was no audio on 2 feeds.  Then after the comp. they went to flames/trivia but instead of the music, we could hear the producer telling them great job, Natalie have some gatorade, Ryan give James the HOH key (then he asked them to redo the key b/c they didn't get the shot).  Then late last night an entire Chelsia DR session leaked onto the feeds.  It gives you some insight into how DR really works if you don't know.  And it ended with the DR person telling Chelsia there were condoms in the bathroom, and remember her promise to her dad.  Huh?  There are all sorts of conspiracy theories out there as to why the feeds hop off J/C every time their make-out sessions start to look too serious.  Whatever the reason, they sure do hop off anytime she hops on.

 hopped on   kissy


Speaking of conspiracy theories....I found this a little odd.  Last night Natalie was telling Josh that the thing she was most upset about from their fight was what he said about her mom, and that her mom probably isn't going to watch the show after they aired that.  Josh told her that they wouldn't air his comments about that, or about the abortions (that's true, and understandable).  Natalie countered that they'd at least show the pickle-attack...Josh said no way, none of that.  It sounded as if he'd had this conversation with the DR and they'd told him it wouldn't air.  One of those things that makes you go "hmmmm."


I wish I had some caption for this about 'washing that man right out of her hair'...but she seems to be keeping him as close as possible for now.  It's too good a cap to not post, though.


And at least she finally got her massage. 

massage time...finally

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