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boys and their toys

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posted Saturday, 30 August 2008

The BB game took a little bit of a backseat to other games today.  First the boys played jack-shack basketball.  Then it was on to their normal chess match.  Next they played marbles, managing to look like a couple of little boys.  Finally, BB gave them a gift basket of toys, games, and wine.  The basket included oversized cards, just emphasizing the little kid look of the whole scene.

jackshack player1 player2


marbles marbles

games wine house of cards

big cards

There was a little BB game talk in between the other games.  Memphis has a final 2 deal with Keesha, Dan and Jerry, and a pretty solid plan to get rid of Renny this week.  So he's pretty much guaranteed to make it to the end.  Remember week 1 when Brian said that Memphis had this?  Um-hmm....

winner to be?

Memphis told Keesha his plan, and she cried a bit.  She still says she doesn't trust Dan.  At the same time though, she turned around and when Renny asked what Memphis was planning, Keesha claimed she didn't really know.  She also finally admitted to Memphis that this was the best deal for her so she doesn't have to vote against her BFF.


Jerry spun his boring stories and other lies.  He tells a certain amount of truth, but there are so many things he's either making up, or just remembering wrong that everyone thinks he's a liar.  Keesha and Renny compared notes and realized that he told them each the same story about the other one. 

 jerry the liar


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