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posted Saturday, 30 August 2008

Finally!  Confirmation....Memphis won the veto.  He and Dan finally talked and re-confirmed the "renegade" plan.  Memphis will veto Dan, with the explanation that Renny has to g-o-go.  They both understand that no one can beat Renny in F2.


Memphis' one condition is that Dan has to "cut out the antics."  Dan asks if he means the speeches and such.  Memphis says no, just don't do crazy shit.  He also gets another promise that if Dan wins next week, Memphis won't go up, and reiterated the F2 deal.  Technically, Memphis only got Dan to promise to take him--I don't think he promised to take Dan, at least not in this convo.  But Dan reminded him that they have a handshake F2 deal....for whatever that's worth. 


Later on though, Memphis sits down with Jerry and tells him that no matter what he does with the veto, he'll keep his F2 promise to Jerry.  He says he wants to get Renny out, and explains why.  Jerry still wants to kick Dan.  He seems more convinced that Dan has a better chance of getting to the finals than Renny.


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