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houseguests, please START talking!

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posted Saturday, 30 August 2008

Argh, It's so fruuuustrating. (©BB8 Daniele)

Quote of the night:

Me: Who won the veto?!
HGs: <....crickets.....>

They did play the veto comp. last night, and it sounds like it was morphomatic (while looking at the memory wall Keesha said to Renny "can you believe they made you 2 a couple?).  We know someone won the veto, because it's perched in its little box on the wall.


But we don't know who.....

They went off to play a couple minutes before midnight, and the feeds were back around 3:15 AM BBT.  For those who had stayed up, or woken up, to find out what happened, the next hour was a form of the ultimate mocking.  While many of us were out here screaming at our computers, or trying to figure out how to reach in there and shake one of them, they barely said anything, period.  And gave no indication of what happened at the veto comp.  When the last one turned out their lights and went to sleep, I finally gave up and did the same.  And, annoyingly, BB will probably let them sleep in today since they were up so late the last few nights.  And even then, who knows if they'll start talking.

Since we know nothing, I'll go through my thoughts on the options. 

Keesha: It's almost certain she did not win.  She seemed really sad, her one comment was "oh well."  Both Renny and Memphis told her she "did so good" but there was no congrats or anything.  It's remotely possible that she did win, and they were just all bummed b/c it would mean that Renny or Memphis is going up.  But they were all told that Dan was the target.


Renny: Also unlikely.  She seemed unhappy too, and when she told Keesha "good job" Keesha didn't respond with anything like "you too."  In fact, I think I heard someone say something about Renny taking a really long time to finish.  It's possible that she won, with a similar explanation to what I said about Keesha.  But that possibility is slight, also for similar reasons.


Memphis: Maybe.  He barely said a word, and was laying in bed from the time the feeds came back.  He was the first one the cameras were on, and after a few minutes they zoomed in on the traffic arrow above his bed, panned down, showing it was pointing right at him.  Sometimes they try to give us little hints like that.  But, again, no one congratulated him or anything.  And he did not seem happy.  But if he did win, he could just be stressed about what to do, or pretending to be.


Jerry: A distinct possibility.  He was not on the feeds at all when they came back, leading many to believe he was in the DR chatting about his win.  But if that were the case, he probably would have had the veto with him, and it was definitely hanging on the wall.  Also, I will be shocked if he won morphomatic.  Stranger things have happened, but it doesn't seem like it would be his game.  When he did finally turn up on the feeds, he was cuddled up in bed, drifting off to sleeps to the light of the spy screen.  Since he was up there alone, there was no chance for congrats, but on the other hand, there were no comments downstairs about his winning.


Dan: Another possibility.  No one congratulated him, but no one gave him any of the words or comfort that Keesha got either.  Of course, hardly anyone spoke to him at all.  He didn't seem overly happy, but if he did win, he'd be trying not to gloat.  He didn't seem overly unhappy either, but if Jerry won, he'd be trying not to take it too hard, I'd guess.  After he showered there was another "Where's Waldo?" sighting of his cross, which he immediately took off.  Then when he went into his bedroom he mumbled something that was either "wait until I go to confession" or "what a competition" and looked slightly pleased.  A bit later he sat down with a bowl of cereal and while looking at the memory wall had a few expressions that could have either been mild frustration at losing, mild amusement at winning, or absolutely nothing. 


At first I was sure it was Jerry.  But after (over)analyzing everything, I started to think Dan or Memphis was a definite possibility.  If someone would just say something to give us a clue, we wouldn't have to analyze their every little move.  As I always say, we'll know when we know.  But when will we know?  At this rate, maybe not until Tuesday. 

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