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it's all about the veto

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posted Thursday, 28 August 2008

As we get down to the end of BB, it's always all about the veto...and all about whom you can trust.  Jerry's starting to realize that it doesn't matter who is he nominates, once the veto is decided, his whole game plan could be thrown into chaos.


Jerry met with everyone throughout the day, and told most of them the same story.  It's Dan he wants out, so he's going to nom Dan and Keesha.  Dan tried to subtly point out that Renny is the real threat to beat them all in the end, but Jerry didn't pick up on it.


Jer-Bear extracted a promise (I think) from Memphis that if he wins the veto he won't use it.  Later Memphis pointed out to Dan that promises mean nothing at this point in the game.


Sure enough, Jerry nominates Dan and Keesha, with Keesha being the "pawn"--they actually haven't (mis)used that word this year, instead they say that since everyone loves Keesha, she's safe. 

n1 n2

They all seem a little depressed.  The smiles from last night are replaced with naps.

jerrynap dannap

memphnap keeshnap

Around 10 PM BBT, BB announces that the veto comp. will begin in 2 hours (i.e. right after ShowtimeTime).  I'm thinking morph-o-matic (of course, as any regular reader knows, I'm *always* thinking morph-o-matic).  Either BB gave them wine, or they're all (save Dan) drinking the wine they've been hoarding.

n1 n2

Dan-fans can only hope that Jerry will be dead tired, and the rest of them will be drunk. 

jertired drunkards

Renny and Dan also got into some kind of a fight--I missed the details.  But then they made up.  Or Renny pretended to make up.


Jerry's a moron:  He just told Dan that Renny is the only one who isn't a target for him (J) this week.  Which is totally stupid--Renny's the only one who could beat him in the end. 

Keesha: Did you guys get the meaning of his (Jerry's) story last night?
Renny: I didn't know what the crap he was talking about.  All I got was "woods."
Keesha: 'The man was walking through the woods...."
Memphis:  Dude!  Do we really have to recap?  

 I think Dan thinks it's morph-o-matic, too....and maybe so do the feedmasters.....

jedi dan? The Wall

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