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delusion conclusion

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posted Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Delusional Duo is dead! In a quick one-two punch, Michelle and Ollie were kicked. Michelle bounces out to Julie and continues to spin her delusions about Dan the Plant. Julie seemed almost pleased to burst her bubble by telling her he's just another player. The twist is there is no know what they say, "expect the unexpected." Since they were all expecting a twist, someone ought to have figured out that there wasn't one. Just a bunch of strangers living in a fishbowl.


So they hop on out to play HOH, and in one of the most amusing comps of the season, we watch Memphis get almost every single question wrong. By the end I was convinced that he was actually trying to pick the wrong answer.


Keesha surprised me by managing to pull out a tie, and then a win. Keesha was shaking so badly and Jerry seemed so calm and confident, I kept thinking he had it. Though as soon as I saw her actually doing math on the 2nd tiebreaker, I was pretty sure she'd get it.

queen keesha

No surprise on the nominations, and a fine nom speech from Keesha. Then a race for the veto, and Dan chalks up another win. I laughed as Julie said "will Dan use the veto?" Surely, you jest...he may be crazy, but he's not an idiot. A nice speech from Ollie, daring Dan to play another game and make another twist. But no way.


Ollie is kicked and leaves as fast as humanly possible. Julie tried to get him to say Dan's a Plant so she could shatter his delusional illusions too. But he wasn't biting, so she had to settle for letting him talk about April.

back inside

Back in the house, it's hugs and celebrating for DaReKeMem. At some point Renny realizes "oh my God, I jumped on Dan and wrapped my legs around they're really gonna be talking." Jerry's suddenly all sweetness and light, seeming to forget all the nastiness he's been spewing for the last few days. At least now he has no one to talk trash with, so we're just stuck with his boring, slightly confused stories.

hug hug

renny jerry

No word on the next HOH comp yet. One of the feed cams just flashed on the HOH room, so it might be that Keesha gets it for a night, and they'll play for the next one tomorrow. They just got asked to pack Ollie's stuff. And they seem to briefly consider it, but then for some reason all wander off to make dinner instead.

packing dinner

Update: I take it back....they disappeared behind the bubbles almost an hour ago, so they're probably playing HOH2 tonight. Theoretically, it should be done before ShowtimeTime, but who knows.

Update, again: Feeds are still off in bubble land, but BBAD came on and we see Jerry wearing the HOH key. Sounds like the comp had to do with day numbers.... DaKeMeRe are all nervousing a lot. Keesha's sad that she didn't get an HOH room.

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