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deals are made to be broken

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posted Monday, 3 March 2008

The camera operators must be really bored tonight.  We're getting extreme closeups of Skippy (George is just out of frame).


There's not much going on in the house just now, but if there is to be anymore drama/campaigning before tomorrow, it will probably be well timed for ShowtimeTime.

But first, the show.  It was kind of fun seeing the veto comp.  Cute idea with lifting the girls up on the pulleys.  Allison sounded like a loon the entire time, and Matt and Natalie did actually seem to work really well together.  Though, I think my favorite part was Adam's DR comment about Shelia wanting to switch roles b/c she's afraid of heights: "You're going to lift my fat ass up there?"

I also enjoyed seeing Matt/Nat's excitement at their win.  The editing was a bit unfair to Natalie, though.  Just like bringing in the "don't fall in love with me" from 3 weeks ago in the last show, the "I'll be nicer to you" convo showed tonight was from last week during the big confrontation.  The fight in the living room was a lot more dramatic, but they can't show that on the show at this point, since Alex and Amanda are sitting there the whole time.


And they made Natalie look rather stalker-esque.  I hope they show the Matt/James fight at some point.  They covered Matt's "America's Playa" routine pretty thoroughly.  He worked on Sharon some more last night, and depending on when you looked she either seemed to be fairly in to him, or as eager to get away as possible.  And for some reason in the middle of the whole thing, the camera kept flashing on the fish.  Commentary, perhaps?  And then when Matt sees Natalie approaching on the spy screen, he literally flies off the bed.

playing    the game


incoming    busted

Oh right, the nominees...the latest plan I heard, if you believe what any of them say, is that M/N will vote for Sheila/Adam to go, J/C will vote for Alli/Ryan to go, and Josh(/Sharon) will break the tie and kick Alli/Ryan.

sheila adam    ryan alli

Matt/Nat have most certainly promised both couples that they're voting to keep them.  And both couples believe it.  Sheila's a bit nervous, and trying to make sure that things are all lined up.  Alli's still working James/Chelsia a bit, but mostly she's holding out hope that the "siren" will save her.  And maybe it will.  The CBS ad apparently says something like "will BB let the evicted couple leave?"   Julie did say that the evicted couple would get a surprise no one would see coming.  And at the end of the show, the announcer oddly just said "who will be evicted?" not "who will be evicted? Ryan & Allison or Sheila & Adam" as usual.  We'll know when we know.


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