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posted Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Before I forget: super-props to  Not 4 days ago, dingo posted 5 simple requests to the BB prods.  One, the audio feed-bleed, has been annoying the crap out of me this season.  And today 2 of the wishes (new trivia and less feed blockage on liveshow days) were granted.  Now we can only hope for the other 3 (fix the audio-bleed, turn down the flame music, and give us George and Skippy as feed-blockers instead of the stupid fire pit).

quest    ans

And props to BB for a pretty good twist.  When Ryan and Allison couldn't get out and the alarm went off, it was all the more sweet b/c we knew the HGs were going to vote out Allison [or Ryan].  So her cockiness was short-lived.  She thought the siren was her savior, but actually it was her death knell.  No one wanted to see Ryan go, it was all about Allison.  There was a great moment last night. Allison was trying to find out which way the votes were going to go.  When people started to say "don't ask/don't tell" Alli started saying "I'm not bringing it up!"  Delusional bitch say what?  Then she went off on Matt, Ryan and Adam, saying "you don't talk to a woman like that!  Stop yelling!" and asking each individually "do you hear me?  do you hear me?"  First place, here's a ladder, get over yourself.  Second place, they weren't really yelling.  Whatever.  She's gone.


The HGs think that this twist means no one is coming back, but this time we know better.  All the evictions so far have been about half the pair, so I think there's going to be a lot of votes to bring back the halves that "never had a chance."  My guess is that the real horse race is between Alex, Amanda, and Parker.  I never had a whole lot of use for Parker, but it's a real toss up for me between Alex and Amanda.  Honestly, I'd love to see Alex back, and I'd love to see him play the game w/o Amanda.  But she was pretty damn fun.

parker    amanda    alex

And Ryan winning HOH was sweet revenge.  I was rooting for Natalie, but Ryan was my second choice. And he was in shock.  To go from thinking he was leaving to being King of the  It will be fun to see what he does.  He's not had a huge problem with anyone b/c it's been all about the girls (first Jen, then Allison).  But he's maybe been thinking...everyone's nervousing....more drama, good for us.


josh nervousing nat nervousing  james nervousing

Now that they're all Suddenly Single, there's a lot of thinking going on.  It will be interesting to see who makes an alliance with their former partner, and who goes it alone.  Matt has, of course, already kicked Natalie out of their bed and is all over anyone and everyone else (that's Chelsia's ass, for those who care and/or can't tell).  James and Chelsia are oddly suspicious of and cold toward each other.  Sharon and Joshuah are the most bonded still.  Adam and Shelia went their separate ways faster than you can say "quickie divorce" with Sheila being the first to jump beds. 

love  and marriage

chelsia she

More tomorrow, or later, hopefully with some HOH perp walk shots.  And no one knows who Ryan will nom.  So the next 24 hours should be good.  But first....we'll leave you with a cap of the real star of every liveshow. 


Postscript:  Before I could post, we got the perp here it is.  Ryan got sushi and Blue Moon as HOH treats.  Pics of Jen (naturally), and his dog.  That's all I got.

 perp walk HOH

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