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breaking up is (not so) hard to do

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posted Thursday, 6 March 2008

HOH Ryan is all over the bro-mance alliance.  He's made it clear that Matt/Adam/James are all totally safe.  He's targeting Sharon this week.  And he needed a "pawn" (insert my annual "that's not what 'pawn' means!" rant) to put against her and James suggested Chelsia.  James?  Seriously?


James    chelsia

Actually, the suggestion might have originated with Matt (who seems to think that he's HOH), but James was right there saying it was all good.  And he even told Chel that if he wins the POV, he might not use it to save her.  Allegedly, the fear is that if Chelsia is vetoed, Sheila will be the repl-nom, and Sharon might stay.

not HOH

sharon    sheila

But at the same time, Ryan is saying that if either nom is vetoed, Josh will be the repl-nom.  Josh/Sharon figured they were targets for nom'ing Ryan/Allison last week, but it's unclear why Ryan is so focused on Sharon. 


So, let's do a couples check:

Adam/Sheila: They split immediately.  Won't share a bed, don't want to work together, could really care less about each other.  I couldn't even find a cap of them in the same room since the split.  The best I've got is him reading what I assume is her bible (he doesn't seem like he'd have a pink accented bible).


Matt/Natalie: Matt ditched her (or tried to) as soon as Julie said they were "divorced."  They still shared a bed last night.  But he's figuring he's got her "in his pocket"...not a real partnership, he's trying to use her (more).  The Bro-Mance alliance wants Chelsia to stay, but Nattie hates Chel. so this could get interesting.


Josh/Sharon:  They're still good with each other, but he supposedly promised Ryan that if he didn't nom Josh, he'd do whatever Ryan wanted....but will he really vote his partner out?  We'll see.  She's on the block, and for now he's not. So that's an automatic divide.


Chelsia/James:  Seemed most likely to succeed as a continuing pair.  But he also seemed to throw her way under the bus.  He thinks she's "just a pawn" but we all know what happens to pawns.  Maybe it's all an act so they're not targeted, but it doesn't look good.


So the couples are all split up, and we've got a whole new game.  It's like week 1 all over again.  Everyone is trying to figure out who they can trust, where they stand, etc.  Sharon and Chelsia are on the block, but none of that matters until after POV.  Then we'll see. 

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